[MS2] MapleStory 2 From Wizet, Not 2D

As seen in Nexon’s Financial Deck, released along with the companies 2011 financial report on February 14, 2012, MapleStory 2 has been confirmed to be in development from Wizet, and it doesn’t seem like it will be 2D. This can be seen in the ‘Development of New Franchises’ section.

From this picture we can also see the development of the anticipated games Mabinogi 2 and Three Kingdoms. These two games have for some times widely known to be in development. With MapleStory 2 and Project Reload, however, although they have  been mentioned a few times before, this is the first big confirmation of their development and small peek (through a single minute picture) at how the games will look.

Many more statistics and information can be read at Nexon’s Financial Deck: http://ir.nexon.co.jp/cms/pdf/news1179206693609361.pdf.

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  1. grrrrrr. i am against maplestory 2. it will divide the maple community and it is just a ripoff. all it will have in common with maple 1 is that it is set in the same universe. i dont like it, but i have to admit that i loled at the Wizet guy`s face :p
    no offence to anyone

    • Haven’t we covered this already? There is no reason for the maple community to be divided and it doesn’t have to have much in common with the first game. The same way there are thousands of other games out there now and MapleStory is doing extremely well, the same it will be when MS2 is released. It’s a completely different game, not a new version, not a re-release, a completely new game that likely shares some common elements such as an extension of the story in MS. It’s not a “ripoff”. MS was successful, so they are releasing a completely new game that’s a sequel using a new technology and platform and graphic system.

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