Before I Explode…

I thought that before I explode because oh how tired I am of hearing certain things around the place, I’d post about them.

  1. MapleStory 2 is a separate game. It’s the sequel. Sequel, meaning it’s a completely new game which continues the story of the first, or at least has a highly related story with some sort of continuity. Nobody is forcing anyone to play MapleStory 2 just because you played the first game. And no, MapleStory is not turning 3D in any giant update. TWO. SEPARATE. GAMES.
  2. Nexon doesn’t have a Chinese division. They can’t due to ridiculous but effective Chinese law. Nexon partners with and licenses their games to Chinese companies such as Tencent (Dungeon Fighter), SPTT (KartRider, Mabinogi, Vindictus, Counter-Strike Online) and Shanda Games (MapleStory, Bubble Fighter, Sudden Attack, more).
  3. Nexon Europe didn’t make more money than Nexon America in 2011, or at least I very highly doubt they did. While Nexon analysed Korea, Japan, China and America specifically, they chose to couple Europe with “Other” in their 2011 annual revenue report. And still “Europe and Others” only contributed slightly more than North America alone. “Europe and Others” consists mainly of Europe, South East Asia and the Philippines. Nexon Europe, however, was more profitable than Nexon America and this is blamed on Nexon America’s recruitment of human resources, which I can confirm a lot was done of late last year.

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  1. RAAAGGEE !!

    FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING stupid people at Basilmarket, but hey, what do you want when the avarage Basiler can’t do simple math.
    Anyways, gave the TS link to this post …

    Also, do I smell some anger ?
    I am the only one posting about Maplestory 2, and you say : I get alot of questions if maple will turn 3D, NOOOO IT’S NOT IT’S A SEQUAL !!! HULKSMASH ZACH ANGRY ARRRGGG
    And I never said that maple changed to 3D, I know it is a sequal, I am just afraid that it will lower either the quality or the image of Maplestory

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