[GMS] 3x EXP and Drop Extended To February 8

3x EXP and Drop in Global MapleStory has been extended to February 8 due to the recently downtime and game update postponement. In addition, there will be 2x EXP and Drop 24/7 from February 9 to February 12.

This Month In Our Past: February [2012 Edition] coming on February 7.


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  1. If only they extended the ring event with 2 more days, becuase of the downtime + patch time

  2. Orange I have a question for you, since you work at Nexon …
    Is there going to be a fix for the Secret Recipe bug that appeared with the RockPaperScissors event ?
    I asume that we were supposed to get the secret recipe thing that would give all of us 3 recipes for our proffesion, but instead we got the recipe ETC item used in the Kerning Square quest line…
    Is that a bug, or was that just a Nexon inside joke ?
    Just wondering, because I want to know if I can drop the item and have some ETC space, or if I need to keep it for the fix 🙂

    • They know about the glitch and it was actually a glitch. I think they decided that it was too small a detail to go in and fix before the event ended. Orange says that he doesn’t know for sure but he knew that the MS team knew about it and that’s probably what happened.

      • maybe a good thing is for the MS team to tell the comunity they are aware of the issue, like using twitter, facebook or the GMS website.. This will give the players some comfort AND lets us know if we have to keep the item in our inventory or not…
        Well, to be honest, I thought it was really funny. It was like the maple team was helping us completing the Kerning Square quests faster :p

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