The Ultimate Nexon/GMS History Test

Coming this February


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  1. wait wait wait ..
    so what you are telling me is that Game Design = talking about future plans for the game ..
    Like .. what DavidVonderHaar is going for Treyarch, what Min Kim is doing for Nexon as a company…
    Wait .. are you saying that you are discussing with the big boss about what the final product of the game is going to look like …
    does that also mean that Orange is working with Kirstin talking about the future of maplestory >?!>?!>?!>!>EMPDWJQRofj3wo8frw4u389ty943yq8pt8943

    OMG !

    So the drawing is being a Game Artist…
    Talking about what content should be made by game artists and programmers is being a Designer.
    Doing all the coding is being a Game Programmer ?

    Are only programmers called Devs in interviews, or also game designers ?
    (like what happened in the Black Ops & IW interviews on the Call Of Duty youtube channel thing) !!!!

    • You’re basically correct about the roles of all of them. Yeah game designers go into meetings and help brain storm future events and content with the producers and other members of the team. Of course you won’t have a major role in the development of games right away, but in years comes experience, more qualifications and power :). As a designer you creatively and meaningfully come up with new ideas for the game and talk about them in meetings and stuff like that. Sometimes words aren’t enough and images are better, but it’s not a must. You can write game plots and stories, describe ideas for content in detail, design a new game system which encourages social interaction between players that is hopefully better than Nexon America’s friend finder, etc. Your designs are discussed and if they are passed then the artists and programmers implement them into the game.

      No, Orange is an artist, not a designer. He works on banners and web art at Nexon.

      “Developer” is a broad term. It generally describes the company which develops the game. But it can also be used to refer to all of the workers who work to build a game (whether programmers or artists or designers or whatever) and it can also be used to specifically refer to game programmers.

      • Wow, then Game Design is what I want …. Tobad there is ALOT of competition out there -_-.
        So you , as a game designer, are coming up with new ideas for Blizzard/Activisions new MMO ?
        It was supposed to launch in 2014, how is it going with the game, are you guys half way already ? :p

        And what you are basicly saying, is that everyone can be called a Developer (since everyone helped develop the game) in a interview, from Game Artist to Programmer ?

        Thanks Zach, you really made my day 😉

        • I’m not working as a designer on this project. I’m working as a game artist. Can’t give you progress information on the game.

          Yes, anyone who helped build the game can be called a developer. It just depends on what the person who said it meant by what he said.

          • but you COULD be working somewhere as a game designer right ?
            Maybe do that when you get fired from your current job 😉

            Are game designers the people that go to Nexon Korea to talk about new content, or create GMS exclusive content, like how CvP originated, that someone working at Nexon thought about Vampire VS Slayer, but it turned out to be CvP ? Were those Game Designers ?
            And just thinking here.. what does a game designer do ?
            Is seriously all they do come up with new ideas, and NOTHING ELSE… like, they just sit htere in a room, and by the end of the day the have to come up with 3 improvements for the game ?

            Would be epic if you and me could give Orange assignements to create :p
            Muhahahaha xD

            **Update** The game update has been postponed again, since one of our game artists’ family members, who also happens to be a game artist, stormed into our office, and fihgting with one of our best game artists. During the fight our office got severely damaged. We suspect that this was an act of jealousy since the game artist that works for us is nicer, and answers blog comments and email questions -,-. The other game artists has been arrested and our attacked game artist who is so super awsome, will get the ingame medal : -Survivor of a family conflict- , while we continue to work on our stability issues. We want to be sure the game is stable before we add new content. We will post a new schedule when it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

            I hadn’t checked comments for a day or two and just for this I’m gonna wait another way before I reply -F3-.

            noooooooooo plz answer
            I know you know that i know that you know i am joking. You are right you are a cool person and Orange is just a lame artist. I loveyou, supreme overlord Zach, and I will do everything to your bidding. I will make a offer to you now to please you. I wont kill a goat. Instead I will take a piss in my toilet, making it dirty again..BIG BIG SACRIFICE.

            but no seriously i would like an answer so i can base my b-day present list of that. need to give it to my dad tomorrow so he knows what to buy for me. problem is i have no idea.. so maybe some study stuff… 4 feb is my b-day

  2. – Still waiting –

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