[GMS] Evolving Ring III Event Extended

Nexon has made the CORRECT decision to extend the Evolving Ring III event to February 3 due to the server stability issues that have plagued the game recently. This was announced in today’s unscheduled maintenance announcement.

The Evolving Ring III event will be extended. The last day of the event will now be February 3.



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  1. *cough*NOthankstoOrange*cough*

    Just as a friendly reminder to ORANGE :

    The problem still isn’t fixed, maple crashes like no tomorrow ..
    maybe extend the Evolv ring event till February 4th, my b-day .. since we are still missing a day (since today servers are also messed up)

    Note to Zach : Change 1 word of this comment, and I will go to your home, take a crap on your pillow, rub your clothes in that crap, pee on your front door and kidnap your kid until I get a apology …
    kay, I might not kidnap ur lil kid, but I would do all the other stuff … maybe šŸ˜‰

    • Orange can take no credit for this. The lazy bum was late for work this morning even with all that’s going on -F3-. BTW I edited your comment -F3-.

      I’m not aware of any plans for Guild PQ right now but keep posted. I’ll slap him for you :P.

      • Even if Orange was late, he didn’t get fired .. why ? Because he is ORANGE !
        He is boss .. he owns you any day … nah jk jk Zach …

        (did you hurt him alot Orange ? Maybe do it again šŸ˜‰ )

  2. OOO orange, 1 more thing.. actualy 2 …

    1. Is Guild PQ ever returning ?
    2. If you see Zach editing my post, please SLAP him in the face … yeah, slap him in the face.. big time

  3. also, orange what went wrong ? The Maintenance that would last 12 hours to fix the server instability didn’t happen..
    11 AM here for me (2 AM for you) and the game was still online o_0
    or was it already complete .. went to bed at 7 pm for you …. so I have no idea what happened from 7pm-2am (your time)

    • If the servers were online during the maintenance time it was likely us trying different combinations to try to replicate the issues causing the crashes.

      • ooooh okay, got me all confused …

        I do however, have a more serious question here, for both you and Zach …

        I want to get some knowledge of Game Developing. Is there any way how I can get that knowledge. I don’t see how a random team of people on the internet that don’t even know me will let me in their project, since I have no experience.. I know both of you are artists, but you must have also done some developing right ? wasn’t that part of your study too (I know that Zach did it …) Any good websites that could help me get started ..
        Since I tihnk I have to make some kind of portofolio, and I have nothing, to get accepted for my study, I was wondering if MODDING counts..
        Would it count if I USED a mod to mod a game like Dungeon Defenders.
        Would it count if I CREATED a zombie map using mod tools in CoD, W@W ?
        It is not like I did any of that stuff … but just wondering …. cause I think I should start working on a portofolio soon :p

        • I (Zach) did both game design and programming plus I am a qualified artist. Orange is just a lame game artist -F3-. You want to do game programming instead of design? With no background in programming and computer science it’ll be hard for to take on a game programming course. As long as you can do very basic drawing to communicate ideas when words just aren’t enough then game design seems like the best bet.

          • You told me to do game programming lol xDD

            but uhm… I can’t draw really well. I mean, I can’t create god looking wings, or a face … I can’t even draw a pole arm That ARAN uses .. (no joke) …..

            • This is a tough one. Game design doesn’t require drawing skills but drawing skills would help your work so much. And you don’t have a background in even the most basic programming. Tough, tough.

              • yeah .. :s but you said that you draw sprites and stuff … I can’t do that :PPPPP
                So what will I be doing as a a game designer when I am not drawing ?

                • Just to clearify, I want to have a job in the gaming industry.. I don’t really care what jb, as long as it is a good respected job and givesd me influence on the game …
                  I thought I couldnt draw, so I thought that hte only option was to do programming .. :SSSS

                • Well you don’t need to draw sprites. Design actually doesn’t REQUIRE drawing skills. But they help. You brainstorm ideas for the game and develop achievable and attractive designs. It’s a lot more typing and talking than drawing.

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