[GMS 1.06] Alliance Rising


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  1. Awesome. I am just wondering what patch this is equivalent to in KMS

    • He’s right. It’s Union. It’s basically the final Legends update (assuming we get Akryum) and the beginning of the Union update all in one if you want to compare us to KMS’s update pattern.

      • indeed it is. I asume that GMS dev’s couldn’t wait to nerf DS, seeing how OP he is, and didn’t want to wait another 3 months filled with complaints about how OP Demon Slayer and Merc are …
        In a way it is a good thing, in antoher way it is a bad thing … Because I have a Demon Slayer … but w/e I will keep playing it.

        So that means we will get the Hero update, Resistance Update, Legend Nerf and Theme Dungeon revamp all in one, or weeks after each other releases … and then in a couple months the Cygnus revamp together with Explores (and I am sure they will add Pirate and thieves in the explore patch, and not make it seperate like KMS did).

        My prediction is that we will get this Alliance Rising update in weeks, so not all at once, because … in the 2nd week of March 4 class creations will be blocked. Those classes (except DB, but he will be getting his patch with P/T) have their update planned in this Alliance Patch. That means that we can expect the Legend Nerf in the 2nd week of March. That means that the last update for this “patch” is in the 2nd week of March. March 1 (or something close to that) will be the 3rd update. Febraury 17 the 2nd update, and that means that around February 6 we will get our first Hero update !

        Btw, February 4 is a really special day 😉

  2. btw, how can we so sure that this really is union. Some grey blob on basil said that it’s not union. I don’t believe him but he made some valid points that made me think. I mean… itsn’t it weird how only heroes and Resistance get revamped in 1 NAMED update (named as in Chaos, so it shares 1 name).. then the other revamps which we ALL called union in KMS are called something different o_0

    • Exactly. That’s why I said that it is “the beginning of the Union update” while also being the final Legends update, if you assume we’ll get Akryum. This isn’t all of the Union content.

      • have you already asked your bro about this … because I am curious why they need to disable char creation, when other jobs like heroes are also getting a buff, but they don’t need to be disabled .. I know that you think it is to prevent more OPness jobs to pop up, and for more classes .. but Aran and Evan are getting a BIG buff soon, so they will be created alot …. while Demon Slayer and Merc will get a nerf, which means they won’t be created much at all. It just doesn’t make any sense to disable the ability to create a job that gets a NERF

        • Hi Robbin. The reasons why the creation of these classes are being disabled are because they are powerful classes which are powerful by design and so Nexon disables them to encourage the creation of other classes. It also makes sense to release high demand classes as events to attract new creations and generate revenue off of them every time they are released.

  3. this is why i love you 2 [zach and orange]. you dont know how happy i am with a official answer. HOWLONG will they be disabled ? plans on making Phantom an event ? not trying to insult, not at all, but y isnt cwkpq or something getting fixed ?

    omgggg so many questions to ask. I am so happy to recieve answers that would otherwise never be answered by a big company.

    i wont tell other ppl about this so u wont get fired.
    maybe email would be more secure …. right Zach ?
    tobad I never saved the pictures from the epic office T-T

    • That’s okay. I wouldn’t tell you anything that would get me fired. I don’t know when the disabled classes will come back and I’m not aware of any plans for Phantom to be an event class. Oh the issues of CWK PQ, that’s being worked on.

      • what is working at nexon like ? nice people? does it look like it is portraited in Testers? what are Luis, Hime and that Cox women [ur boss?] like ?

        like…. how does your day start and at what avrg time it ends.. want to work either @ treyarch or nexon as programmer… eithet work indirectly with same boss as Zach or workdirectly with you 🙂

        also, do all ms servers come togethr to discuss what new content should be developed and to be released in 6 moths for kms first, every 6 months, like was said in am dev blog?
        just curious how it REALLY happens

        Orange > Zach …. temporary … just to keep Zach happy, but we both know the truth right Orange… jk jk xD

        • Yeah it’s a nice place to work. It’s very social and everyone is your friend :). It can get hectic around here sometimes but at the end of the day we usually conquer whatever problems are going on in the game. Luis is our video guy, Hime is the MapleStory community manager and Kristin is the producer of MapleStory.

          On the typical work day I get to work by 9 and am off by 6. This can vary depending on what’s going on.

          Yup, the publishers and development teams of all MS services meet often to discuss content. What content would work where and how it should be implemented. What the game needs and what you be the most profitable. It’s all talked about. Then the teams work together to decide which content will be released into each service when. This depends on holidays, seasons, etc.

          • Orange, Orange, Ooooooraaangeeee.

            Could you kindly ask at your office, maybe to Kirsten (be sure to act like Demon Slayer, it seems like she has a crush on him :p), on behalf of the whole community, if the ring event could be extended by 5 days.
            5 Days isn’t enough for people to start new characters and create more ring mules, since their rings would only be level 5, but it would give the other players, that missed 2 days because of the server instability, or even the people who haven’t been able to login since the ring event started, a chance to get a somewhat decent ring.
            I personaly lost 4 days,
            1. The maintenance patch thingy ended at 7 AM for me or something like that, so I could login just in time to get my Demon Slayer up to date with the ring event, but not my other char.
            2. yeah … just had some other things to do .. like stupid ass work -,-
            3-4, server instability.

            By extending the event with 5 days, it will also keep the economy healthy.
            More people will get a ring to max level. Because of this, there will be more rigns available, thus the price will get lower. Also, since there are more rings in the game, more people already have rings, which means the demand will also go down.
            By extending the ring event, you would make alot of people happy.
            For me personaly it is like this :
            I really have to login EVERY DAY from now on, to make sure I get the ring to max level… however, if there is 1 more day of downtime, I am screwed…
            Other people have this same problem.
            Please Orange, for the love of the previous Cygnus Aria, ASK FOR RING EXTENTION.
            Feel free to let them take a look at my post.

            Hiiii Kirstin, like your haiiirrrr Zach 😉

            • ooo I see what you did there …. edit my post.. you sneaky sneaky bastard 😉
              But in all seriousness, could you please ask it to your collegue’s Orange.
              I get the feeling that Zach is a little sad, since I prefer his awsome bro above him..
              Don’t worry Zach, you are really awsome as well. If only you worked at Nexon.. or Treyarch.. or maaaybe IW, then you would take the #1 spot 😉

            • All I can say is that the MS team is discussing the ring event due to the server instability.

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