Did You Know… [January 22, 2012]

Welcome to Msupdate’s first ever ‘Did You Know…’, the regular short informative post about MapleStory, Nexon or maybe the entire game industry!

Did you know that Nexon is the world’s 3rd most valuable company in the industry globally? Nexon went public in December 2011 when it was valued at approximately $7.6 billion. This is third in the world behind Blizzard Entertainment at $14.2 billion and Electronic Arts at $7.7 billion.

In 2010 Nexon’s revenues were $878 million. This compares to $4.4 billion for Activision Blizzard (the holding company for Blizzard Entertainment and Activision) and EA’s $3.8 billion. Remember, the value of a company depends not only on yearly revenue, but also on profits and growth, among other factors. Nexon’s 2010 revenues were up all of 56% from their 2009 revenues of $561.5 million!

I patiently await Nexon’s 2011 revenue report and I am expecting great news.


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  1. with BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, do you also mean Activision, with the revenue from MW3 this year ? Or is that only from WoW and other MMO’s owned by blizz ?
    Never knew EA was THAT big, cool.

    What happened to your MY MAPLE STORY

    I want to hear more of that, continue those 🙂

    • No, just Blizzard Entertainment, separate and apart from Activision but a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. Yup, EA’s pretty big.

      I got bored of My Maple Story but I might consider doing it again soon.

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