[NX] [WT] Nexon Signs Licensing Agreement With Unity Technologies

Nexon, the global publisher of online and mobile games, has signed an agreement with Unity Technologies for the licensing of Unity’s game engine for the web, iOS, Android, consoles and more. Nexon now has license to alter and utilize Unity’s development platform for an unlimited number of games across all of the company’s global branches and internal development studios.

“We couldn’t be more excited that Nexon is making Unity a core tool in their pipeline,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Having a global game publishing powerhouse like Nexon seek to expand their use of Unity across their developers is a great testament to how it can fulfill the needs of everyone from the tiniest indie to the world’s most demanding studios.”

“This partnership is an opportunity to enhance the developments of multi platform contents that has been growing in importance in recent years,” said Min Suh, CEO of Nexon Korea Corporation. “We look forward to building up the environment for the future growth of both Nexon and Unity through constant and active interaction.”


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  1. decided to use this name when i typ on my dsi …..using index finger not stylus ….. im nightcodex

    k completely off topic.. im happy. got an email from the people where i mght follow the math course i need. i thought it would be to hard for me and that i needed a 3 week starter course first. they said i would do fine and i can study 6 weeks 40hrs week in summerbreak…… then the gamedev study.. one thing that scares me is that esigning is part of the study and that i fail cause i cant draw :p

    srry only read couple first sentences . will likely read it later

    • Don’t worry, the part of design that you need for programming doesn’t require much artistic representation (drawing, photo editing, etc.). It’s more just a creative mind.

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