[GMS 1.05] Game Update – Year of the Dragon

The game update has ended 40 minutes early and the game is open as of 1:20PM Pacific (4:20PM Eastern). Total update time was 6 hours and 20 minutes.

MapleStory will be going through a scheduled game update on Thursday, January 19, 2012. During this period, all game servers will be unavailable. The game update will last approximately 07 hours.

Pacific: Thursday, January 19 @ 7:00AM to 2:00PM
Eastern: Thursday, January 19 @ 10:00 AM to 5:00PM

{ Updates }

  • v.105 – Year of the Dragon update
  • New events: Pink Zakum raid, Evolving Ring III, Daily Gear Giveaway, New Year’s Gift Boxes
  • Fix: Trade/drop blocked characters will be released from that state.
  • Name changes and world transfers will be processed.
  • Upon login, the gift box from the 3rd Hot Time will be distributed to Scanians who lost their original box.
  • Cash Shop update: Random Meso Sacks, Chair Gachapon Tickets, Vega’s Spell, discounted Scissors of Karma, 2x EXP Coupon sale extended
  • Cash Shop ending: Mount Gachapon Tickets
  • Gachapon update: Gachapon Grand Prize – Super Pink Adventurer Cape
  • Gachapon ending: Gachapon Grand Prize – Super Stormcaster Gloves

Update notes after the jump.

v.105 – Year of the Dragon Update Notes

New Events

Pink Zakum Raid

  • January 18 – January 31
  • Requirement: Lv.30 or above
  • The OS4 has created a pink Zakum clone for adventurers to fight to let off stress!
  • You can enter the battle by accepting the quest, which will appear 3 times per day: 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, and 8:30 PM Pacific.
  • Click the walkie talkie notification above your character’s head to speak to the OS4 and accept the quest and be sent to the waiting room.
  • After a brief moment in the waiting room, players will be divided up into different battle instances.
  • Up to 40 players can enter a Pink Zakum instance.
  • Since you won’t have much time to create a party, special HP, MP, and Speed buffs will be granted automatically to all players in the map.
  • Even though it’s a clone, Pink Zakum was constructed to be much weaker than regular Zakum.
  • There is a 20 minute timer to beat Pink Zakum.
  • You will be able to leave the instance by talking to Researcher H.
  • If you die, you will respawn in a room with a portal and Researcher H. Use the portal to enter the fight again, or talk to Researcher H to be given the option to leave.
  • The OS4 buffs will be removed if you leave the map while Pink Zakum is still alive.
  • The OS4 buffs will remain in effect if you leave the map after defeating Pink Zakum.
  • After the battle is complete you’ll be sent to a debriefing room. Talk to Head Researcher Wynn to claim your prize or admit defeat.
  • Once you leave the event maps, you will be moved to the closest town.


  • special Teleport Rock (1 time use, expires after 30 minutes)
  • Gift box that can contain a Pink Zakum Chair (tradeable), a Pink Zakum Helmet, or a trait EXP item.
  • Pink Zakum Helmet: REQ LEV: 30, STR/DEX/INT/LUK + 3, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, ACC/AVOID +20, 10 upgrade slots unhammered, untradeable.

Evolving Ring III

  • January 18 – January 31
  • Get a ring that you can upgrade each day, becoming gradually more powerful!

Stage 1

  • Talk to Gaga in a major town to receive a level 0 ring with no stats.
  • Stay logged in for an hour to evolve the ring into a level 1 ring.
  • Remember to not log out until your level 0 ring has reached level 1, otherwise you’ll have to start again.

Stages 2 – 10

  • Log in every day and ask Gaga for an upgrade.
  • Hold the box that he gives you for an hour.
    NOTE: The box will be in the Set-up tab of your item inventory.
  • When the box turns into a potion, return to Gaga and ask for an upgrade to increase the ring by 1 level.
    NOTE: The potion will be in the Set-up tab of your item inventory. Be sure not to click on or drop the potion.
  • Logging out before the one hour mark will cause the item to disappear and you’ll have to start again for that day.

Last Day

  • On the last day of the event, Gaga can make the current version of your ring become tradable. This does not apply to players who start the event on this day.
  • Ask Gaga for an upgrade.
  • Hold the box that he gives you for an hour.
    NOTE: The box will be in the Set-up tab of your item inventory.
  • When the box turns into a potion, return to Gaga and ask for an upgrade to increase the ring by 1 level and to make it tradable, or just to make it tradable if it’s already at level 10 10.
    NOTE: The potion will be in the Set-up tab of your item inventory. Be sure not to click on or drop the potion.
  • Logging out before the one hour mark will cause the item to disappear and you’ll have to start again for that day.

Additional Notes

  • The ring must be in your Equip inventory in order for it to gain a level.
  • Days are based on server time. 12:00 AM Pacific is the start of each day of the event.
  • The max level of the ring is 10.
  • Evolving Ring III Lv.10: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +10, Weapon/Magic ATT +10, one-of-a-kind item
  • The Evolving Ring III is a separate item from the previous Evolving Ring and Evolving Ring II — you cannot level up a ring from the previous events; you must level up a new ring.

Daily Gear Giveaway

  • January 18 – January 31
  • Log in each day and accept the quest from the star icon on the left side of your screen or from Gaga.
  • You will receive one of random decorative Cash item.
  • There are 50 different possible items!

New Year’s Gift Boxes

  • January 18 – January 31
  • To celebrate the year of the Dragon, monsters will appear in certain towns to give out gifts!
  • You must find which monster has the “Click” prompt, then click it to get the monster to drop a box which you can pick up.
  • You’ll have to wait about ten minutes before that monster can be clicked on click again.
  • Be quick! The boxes are first come, first served.
  • You can only open 20 gift boxes per day.
  • Rewards include restorative items and trait EXP items, Secret Recipes, and a buff.
  • The gifting monsters can be found in the following towns:
Kerning City
Lith Harbor
El Nath
Korean Folk Town
Mu Lung
Herb Town

Ongoing Events

Welcome Back Gift

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Requirement: Accounts that haven’t logged in since before December 8, 2011.
  • Reward: special 2x EXP coupon: four hours of 2x EXP every day for 10 days, from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Pacific
  • A message will prompt you to collect your gift from the Cash Shop when you log in to a character.
  • If you want to receive it on another character, choose not to collect it when you receive a message in the Cash Shop.
  • Limit one coupon per world per account.
  • January 4 – January 31
  • All players who haven’t logged in since before the Legends update last December 8 and who have a pet which has expired will also receive Water of Life to revive the pet.

New Player Welcome Gifts

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Requirement: Accounts created during the event period.
  • Reward for reaching Lv.10: 7-day Hyper Teleport Rock7-day tiger mount
  • Reward for reaching Lv.30: 14-day Penguin pet
  • The prizes can be collected from your Cash Shop inventory.
  • Limit one level 10 prize and one level 30 prize per new account created during the event period.
  • January 4 – January 17
  • Receive special equipment when you log in if you have an account created between December 8 through the end of the event period.
    Grape Earrings: REQ LV: 13, Weapon/Magic ATT +3, 5 upgrade slot unhammered, time limited, untradeable
    Grape Pendant: REQ LV: 13, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +5, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, time limited, untradeable
    Grape Belt: REQ LV: 13, Weapon/Magic ATT +2, Weapon/Magic DEF +50, Max HP/MP +300, time limited, untradeable
  • Limit one set of items per world per account.

Legends Support Events

2x EXP Weekends

  • December 8 – January 31
  • Earn 2x EXP from hunting monsters.
  • Saturday and Sunday, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific

2x Drop

  • December 8 – January 31
  • The drop rate of items from defeated monsters is doubled.
  • All day, each day

Equipment Support

  • December 8 – January 31
  • All jobs
  • Receive free equipment every five levels from Lv.10-30 and every ten levels from Lv.30-70.
  • Click the icons on the left side of the screen when you reach an appropriate level for more information.

Legends Space Rock

  • December 8 – January 31
  • Requirement: Lv.30 or higher
  • Repeatable once per day.
  • Talk to the Maple Administrator to receive a Legends Space Rock, which can teleport you to most major towns in Maple World.
  • The rock has a thirty minute cooldown until you can use it again, and it expires after one day.
  • The Legends Space Rock can teleport you to the following towns:
Kerning City
Lith Harbor
Nautilus Harbor
El Nath
Omega Sector
Korean Folk Town
Mu Lung
Herb Town

Legends 1+1

  • December 8 – January 31
  • Requirement: Cannoneer, Mercedes, Demon Slayer
  • When you reach Lv.30 and Lv.70, you can obtain a potion that contains the amount of EXP needed to reach that level.
  • After reaching the appropriate level, you can obtain the item by clicking on the mysterious potion icon on the left side of the game window.
  • Characters that are participating in the event can view the EXP+ gauge, which will fill up when EXP has been obtained.
  • A Cannoneer, Mercedes, and Demon Slayer can each participate 1 time, for a total of 3 participations.
  • Double-click the potion in your item inventory to receive EXP contained within it.
  • The total EXP and remaining EXP can be viewed by hovering your cursor over the potion in you item inventory. The item will disappear once the EXP has reached 0.
  • These items cannot be moved to another new job class character.
  • If you have not made the 1st job advancement before reaching Lv.30, then you may not be able to properly receive SP.

Legends Never Give Up!

  • December 8 – January 31
  • Requirement: Previously existing job. Cannoneers, Mercedes, and the Demon Slayer cannot participate.
  • You can receive a Legends Never Give Up! buff when you reach levels 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100.
  • Be sure to claim the buff when you reach the appropriate level; if you level up further, you won’t be able to claim the reward for the level you passed.
  • You will need three slots open in the Use tab of your item inventory to receive the reward when you level up to a given level.
  • Double-click the buff in the Use tab of your item inventory to activate it. It will expire in three days if you don’t use it.
  • Reward: Legends Never Give Up! x3: Double-click it to receive a 1.5x EXP buff for 1 hour. Untradeable

Legends Awards

  • December 8 – January 31
  • You’ll be able to acquire trophies by participating in the Legends Awards events, and you’ll obtain a Legends Awards Chair if you collect all the trophies.
  • You can open the Legends Awards menu by clicking on the trophy icon on the left side of your game window.

Menu UI:

Coin Shop

  • Click the Coin Shop button to visit a shop where you can spend your Legends Awards Coins. Purchasable items include a wide selection of equipment with hidden potential, restorative items, recipes, scrolls, and special items such as SP Reset Scroll, AP Resets, Chaos Scrolls, Mystery Mastery Books, professions items, and a variety of Maple equipment.
  • More than 20 types of Legendary Maple items
  • More than 70 types of Lv.80-110 Legendary Weapons with hidden potential
  • More than 30 types of Legends Scrolls
  • Each character may purchase up to 10 Legends 1.3x EXP Coupons during the event.
  • Various recipes including the Crystal Heart Recipe, the EXP Accumulation Potion Recipe, the Cleansing Potion Recipe, and the Wealth Acquisition Potion Recipe have been added.

Trophy List

  • You can check the list of trophies that you’ve acquired and have yet to acquire. Hover your cursor over a trophy slot to see the basic requirement for that trophy.

My Trophies

  • Your character name and the achievement will be displayed in the notice window at the center whenever you acquire a trophy and when you complete the bonus missions in the Mission tab.


  • You can view a list of bonus missions available for the Legends Awards.
  • A message will automatically display when you meet the mission completion requirements, and you’ll be able to receive the reward(s), which include Potential Scrolls, Equip Enhancement Scrolls, a special Chaos Scroll, and more
  • A slot that was grayed out will become blue when you complete the corresponding content and receive its bonus rewards.

Hero of the Legends: New Class Creation Event

  • December 8 – January 31
  • Requirement: Cannoneer, Mercedes, or Demon Slayer
  • Accept the quest from the icons on the left side of the screen.
  • When you make the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th job advancements, you will receive Legends Awards Coins.
    2nd job advancement: 1 coin
    3rd job advancement: 3 coins
    4th job advancement: 6 coins
  • When you have reached Level 50 with a new Legends character, you can get a Legends Ring.
  • Legends Ring: A legendary ring that grows when you grow stronger. It can be shared with other characters on the same account.
  • The Legendary Ring can be equipped along with the following: Lilin’s Ring, Explorer’s Ring, and Resistance Ring.
  • Once you have equipped a Legendary Ring, you cannot receive any more additional Legendary Rings.
  • When you have reached Level 70, you can get a Special Mastery Book, which has a 100% chance to raise a corresponding 4th job skill’s Master Level to its max if you meet the requirements.
  • Only 1 character per job class can participate.

Legendary Black Dragon

  • January 18 – January 31
  • Accept the quest from Cassandra.
  • Collect 50 Legendary Black Dragon Wings from monster drops to receive a Legendary Black Dragon Gift Box.
  • Double-click the gift box to receive a reward, which include restorative items, scrolls,Legends Awards Coins, traits items, and a Legendary Black Dragon Ring
  • Legendary Black Dragon Ring: STR/DEX/INT/LUK +1, Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +10, Max HP/MP +20, one upgrade slot unhammered, can only equipped by Warrior classes, one-of-a-kind item, movement is only possible within the account.


  • January 19 – January 31
  • Requirement: Lv.13 or higher
  • Accept the quest from Gaga.
  • Collect 20 each of Rock, Paper, and Scissor cards dropped by monsters.
  • Play against Gaga and win two out of three matches.
  • One day of attendance will be checked off when you win more than twice.
  • A match will end when you play eight times.


  • Day 1: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 2: Secret Recipe
  • Day 3: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 4: Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll
  • Day 5: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 6: Potential Scroll
  • Day 7: Legends Awards Coins
  • Day 8: Rock-Paper-Scissors Trophy

Can You Resist?

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Requirement: Lv.13 or higher
  • Accept the quest from the notification icons on the left side of the game window to receive a Golden Statue.
  • Stay logged in for 30 consecutive minutes and turn in the Golden Statue to receive a reward.

Gachapon Update

Gachapon Grand Prize

  • January 18 – January 31Super Pink Adventurer Cape: REQ LEV: 50, STR/DEX/INT/LUK + 7, Weapon/Magic ATT +20, Weapon/Magic DEF +20, 1 upgrade slot unhammered. Tradable only within your account.

Chair King

  • January 12 – January 31: Obtain the Stork Swing and speak to Dalair to obtain a Chair King medal.

Cash Shop Update

Random Meso Sacks

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Rare Meso Sack: Double-click it for up to 54 million mesos!
  • Epic Meso Sack: Double-click it for up to 208 million mesos!
  • Unique Meso Sack: Double-click it for up to 750 million mesos!

Chair Gachapon Tickets

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Double click a ticket to receive a chair. The chairs will be 30 day, 90 day, or permanent. You might even win a former Chair King chair or another super rare chair!
  • Available in singularly or in bundles of ten.

Vega’s Spell

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Use Vega’s Spell (10%) to have your 10% scroll’s success increase to 30%, or you can put a Vega’s Spell (60%) to work raising a 60% scroll’s success rate to 90%!
  • Vega’s Spell can only be used with 10% and 60% scrolls that say they can be used with it in their item description.

Scissors of Karma Sale

  • January 19 – January 31
  • Scissors of Karma can be used on certain untradeable items to make them tradeable one time, so you can give, trade, or sell the items to another character.
  • Scissors of Karma can only be used on items that say they can be used with them in their item description, and each Scissors of Karma can only be used once.
  • Available in singularly or in bundles of three or five.

2x EXP Coupons Sale – Extended!

  • December 8 – January 31
  • The 2x EXP Coupons sale has been extended to January 31!
  • A coupon’s timer will be activated immediately upon purchase, so be ready to move it into your item inventory and start hunting as soon as you buy one!
  • 4 hour and 1 day coupons available.

Known Issues

  • The portal leading inside Crimsonwood Keep has been removed while some issues with the Crimsonwood Keep party quest are looked at.
  • A party play bonus is in effect for the Knights’ Stronghold, but the enemies therein have yet to be returned to their original stats.
  • The Starling Face with purple eyes appears as the Crow Face.
  • Certain event quests cannot be accepted by clicking “Available” next to them in the Event List menu.
  • The description for Cannon Strike (Cannoneer 1st job skill) says it has a knockback effect, even though to skill does not perform one.
  • Craw’s Pirate Hat is mislabeled as “Craw’s Telescope.”
  • There is untranslated text when hovering your cursor over Crossroads of Ereve and The Town of Ariant while on the world map.

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  1. a game update just for cas shop updates … and some events .. woah, we are going on the EMS-train..
    I can’t wait for the evolv ring 3 event, mainly because for some unclear reason I never participated in the evolv ring events.. got a ring 2 that is like level 6 …. xDDDD
    Can’t wait. I am going to do it on all my characters, (got 15 characters … yay me) so I can sell them at lv 17 when they become tradeable… 500m ea, on 15 chars .. I will sell ~10, keep 5, 5b … WOAH never had that much ❤ Highest I ever had was and IS 500m .. right now ;p

  2. oooh and am I the only one that thinks it is funny how they extended 2x coupons AGAIN.
    It shld originaly end at january 13, then for Demon Slayer it got extended to January 17, now to a unknown date .. I mean, I am happy, because it will make leveling easier for me, but on the other hand….. it makes me sad because I can now reach 4th job.. before that was a impossible goal for me, nwo it is easy. And once I reach 4th job, it gets really boring, since i have no new skills to look forward to ….

    • Remember that we just got our Legends update less than a month ago so we aren’t due for another content update right now. Plus there really isn’t much content for us to get since we’re probably waiting until Summer to get Justice, giving us Union over the Spring. And if the event data wasn’t in the game data in 1.04 (like in the case of Pink Zakum and other stuff) then they have to add it to the data in a patch.

      • Pirate and thief revamp are part of both UNION and Justice ..
        It would be like :
        Union :
        -Cygnus & UA
        -Pirate and thieves

        … right …

        But then they fused Pirate and thief revamp in Justice ..
        So maybe it will be like : Union (never understood why they called it that, no real special content, only revamp and stupid sports event) in early March (1st update), Late March 2nd update, and then …

        ooh well, my brain is to tired to think now… playing some stupid mw3 now on my ps3 -,-
        (still want to kick orange’s ass .. or was it your other bro ;p)

        Btw, how was the wedding ?
        was it a BIG wedding, like the ones you see in the movies where the husband is always late, and then arrives on a speedboat with his friends and suddenly has a tatoo on his face that he didn’t have before ?

        • Exactly. I think we’ll get the Union update with the class rebalances except Pirates and Thieves and probably Future Leafre and Akryum in Spring then Justice with Pirate and Thief rebalance and Phantom, etc. in Summer. I also think we’ll get them in a single update rather than parts. Maybe Justice in parts, but idk.

          I liked the Hangover 2 too. It was a pretty big wedding but not super huge. And it went well! :).

          • haha, so there were no monkeys involved?
            My canonneer would be sad 😦

            Future Leafre … don’t ya mean Future ToT 😉
            I also think that we will get the updates in 1 update (union) like with Ascension.

            Now on a more serious note…. Nexon is stupid .. look at what they did with this patch.
            I mean, a year ago they had a survey asking where people lived. 60% was from the US, 40% other places = other time zones.
            Still Nexon made Pink Zakum (helm is not worth it IMO) unaccesable for other times zones… 6:30 pm = 3:30 AM for me !!

            And the Evolv ring just makes me sad. I have 14 chars (could make a 15th char mule for the ring).. but I need to stay online for 1 hour each. That would mean that I need to stay online 14 or 15 hours a day to get it on all my chars … oooh man T_T
            Then that means no 4 hours online on 1 char…. which means no 2x training till the 28th. Which means only 3 days of 2x coupons available for training for my chars IF I WANTED TO 😦

            yaaaay just a couple more weeks till my b-day .. and I have no idea what I could possibly want as presents .. I am happy already ;)))

  3. oo you got me there …
    So ther eis no past ToT and I have been confusing it with Past Leafre … woah

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