[VIN] Nexon Korea Releases Kai Gameplay Teaser

Vindictus Korea (‘Mabinogi Heroes’) will finally receive the Archer hero, Kai very soon. Kai is currently in the game’s test server.

Whether or not you play Vindictus or care about it, the trailer is awesome so WATCH IT.

It is not yet known when this will make it to North America or Europe, but it shouldn’t be too long a wait.


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  1. I don’t play this game (only played it for some time with my lil bro)… the class looks kind of cool ,but also stupid IMO ;p
    Who goes charging at enemys with your bow (0:22) …. yeah -,-

  2. Need

  3. I predict for it to come out July.

    • So do I. I also hope for a Vindictus America exclusive cataclysmic update which adds an open world to Vindictus and unlocks the Xtreme Edition here in America. But the whole open world thing probably isn’t happening -F3-.

      • why not ? If korea has it, then why wont america ?
        Also, why put your hopes up for a exclusive content, when Nexon America (spekaing of maple here) doesn’t do that very often

        • No, When I said it probably wasn’t happening I was talking specifically about the open world. I do expect Kai and possibly Xtreme Edition to arrive in America in July.

          GlobalMS is the second biggest receiver of exclusive content outside of Korea, behind JapanMS.

          • JMS is a exclusive content BEAST !
            Look at what they did with Canoneers. They removed a skill and replaced it with a mercedes like double jump !
            I mean..,.. they changed the gameplay of a class !! They are really setting themselves appart from the other servers. They are maybe the most unique one !
            Global MS might be also receiving more exclusive content, but that mostly consist of stupid events with LOADS of glitches. EMS is also doing well, with atleast 1 country holliday for each country, France- Bastille, Germany – Beer festival, The Netherlands – Dutch Queens Day

          • forgot to ask : Xtreme edition is liek BB right ? A big change that will change the game from dungeon based like Dragon Nest to Open World like … Maplestory ?

            • No. The eXtreme Edition is an update in Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus Korea) which made the combo system even more fast paced and amazing. It added the ability to jump, perform air combos, unrestrained skill use in a chain, etc. It’s really cool. In Korea you have an option to play on separate servers for the original version or the eXtreme edition. In Europe they only have the eXtreme Edition but here in America we only have the original so far.

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