[GMS] Legendary Hot Time For DS

What’s in store for the third (and likely final) Legendary Hot Time? Answers after the jump.

Once you fulfill the requirements for the Hot Time you will be given a box which has a 100% chance to reward you all of the following:

  • For the secod time ever, this Hot Time will give away a complete AP reset which will reset all assigned AP except AP assigned to HP and MP. It is time limited. There is a 100% chance to receive this item.
  • As once or twice before, but surely not every time, a Storm Growth Potion will be given out during this Hot Time. Use this item to instantly level up once you are below the maximum level of your class. It is time limited. There is a 100% chance to receive this item.
  • The biggest sure reward of them all: Devil Horns. See stats below. There is a 100% chance to receive this item.
  • 20 Legends Awards Coins which can be used in the Legends Awards coin shop. There is a 100% chance to receive this item.
  • And the faithful same old, same old. Reset all of your SP, first job to fourth job, with one SP Reset Scroll. It is time limited. There is a 100% chance to receive this item.
  • An trait EXP item that adds EXP to one of your traits.

You also have the chance to get one of any of these additional items:

Hero of Legend badge
Lv. 140 weapons:
Lionheart Cutlass
Timesplitter One-handed Axe
Timesplitter One-handed Hammer
Lionheart Battle Scimitar
Timesplitter Two-handed Axe
Timesplitter Two-handed Hammer
Lionheart Fuscina
Lionheart Partisan
Dragon Tail Arc Wand
Lv. 140 weapons (cont.):
Falcon Wing Composite Bow
Falcon Wing Heavy Crossbow
Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns
Raven Horn Baselard
Raven Horn Metal Fist
Raven Horn Shadow Blade
Shark Tooth Wild Talon
Shark Tooth Sharpshooter
Dragon Tail War Staff

Said box can be opened from 3:00PM – 11:59PM Pacific on January 14 (6:00PM on January 14 – 2:59AM on January 15 Eastern).

Okay, so you’re sold and you definitely want to be there, but how do you participate?

On Saturday, January 14, make sure you are logged into one of your characters at 2:30PM Pacific (5:30PM Eastern, 10:30PM GMT) and stay logged in for the entire minute. There are some restrictions and precautions to be taken though.

You must:

  • Be logged in to a character that is level 13 or above.
  • Have space in your inventory to receive the box.
  • Be logged in for the whole minute from 2:30 PM – 2:31 PM server time.
  • Be in the main map of a town or hunting map that is regularly accessible.
  • Make sure your character is alive.
  • Have space in your inventory to open the box and receive the rewards inside.

In the moments before the Hot Time and until the Hot Time is passed just relax!

  • Do not change channels.
  • Do not engage in any quests.
  • Do not enter the Cash Shop or MTS.
  • Do not talk to any NPCs or use Gachapon.
  • Do not use your inventory or storage.
  • Do not manage your wedding wish list.
  • Do not enter a mini-dungeon.
  • Do not use a ship or other timed method of transit between locations.

It is also strongly recommend that you spread out to prevent the chances of slowing down your connection. Some recommended ways of doing this from Nexon are:

  • Logging in well before 2:30 PM.
  • Being in a town that isn’t heavily frequented by other Maplers.
  • Being in a channel that is less populated than others.
  • Avoiding being clustered in large groups.
  • Avoiding performing graphically intensive skills. Remaining still is best.
  • Avoiding Maplers or monsters that might be performing graphically intensive skills.

**Note** Please be aware that although the servers are set to Pacific time, there can sometimes be variations in exact time between worlds. It is strongly recommended that you log in well before the event is scheduled and remain logged in even if you do not receive the gift box at exactly 2:30 PM Pacific.

And just to add to all the greatness of the Hot Time itself, Log In Early To Earn Extra!

There will be DOUBLE EXP and DOUBLE DROP on Saturday, January 14 from 2:00PM-4:00PM Pacific (5:00PM-7:00PM Eastern)!

After the release of the Cygnus Knights in July 2009, Global MapleStory hit an internal record of 70,000 concurrent users. In the second Hot Time associated with the massive Big Bang update on December 2010 that record was eclipsed with 136,000 concurrent users. It is now an opportunity to break that record once again so make sure you participate in the Hot Time! See you there!


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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZ, I have to work from 1800-0200 and hot time is at 11:30 pm for me (23:30).
    Darn it … well … I COOOOOUUUULLLLDDDD ask my lil bro, but I doubt if he remembers..
    You can just be afk right ? You don’t have to click a text or something right ??
    I kind of forgot how hot time work for some weird reason :s o_0

  2. kty, off to work NOW. .. cya in 9 hours 😦

    • You work for 9 hours at McDonalds? Wow.

      • nah, 30 min (leaving at 16:30 … 16:40), back at 01:20 …
        If I really had to work 9 hours (which is “illegal” I will just walk away after 8 hours).
        Thing is, the managers are super nice (I work there for 6 months now) and I hear one of them saying that I was going to be on of the harderst and best workers here … lol :p
        All managers are 24-29 …and nice .. but I once hear from someone else working there, that a couple months ago he had to work for 13 hours !!!
        He was sceduled for 8 hours, from 11 am – 7 pm, but then they asked if he could work some more, since they needed some people.. he said, okay, and then it ended up being a woopin’ 13 hours of work !!!!!!
        But he could eat whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted for free.
        Normaly when you work 5 and a half hours, you get a 30 minut break … for the whole day … and the managers tell you when you can go…
        So when I work 8 hours, I only get 30 minuts to eat.. that’s it.
        Thing is, they tell me when I can go eat, so most of the time, after I am working for an hour it’s : “Robbin, are you hungry, if you want you can eat” ….. but then most of the time I am “forced to take a break” … and then when I get back I have to work for 6 hours non-stop -,-

        GOod thing that I can clean the lobby from 11pm – 0100, and when I am done sooner, I am allowed to go home, most of the time 🙂
        Today from 1800-0200, hopefully they will let me go around 0:45, if there aren’t that many people :p

        So how is it for you at Activision/Blizzard. Are you chained behind your desks and when you have to go to the toilet everyone has to go since you are all chained to each other ?

  3. Zach any knowledge of the hot time failing in Bera ? My lil bro said Maple suddenly crashed, so he rebooted it, walked aroudn and then it crashed again, this was …45 min after hot time , he said that the maple icon then dissapeared from my desktop ..

    Now I don’t ahve the horns and the other hot time stuff -,-

  4. people couldnt log on a hour before the hot time. The servers were completely unresponsive .

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