L                    M                    A                    O

Classic! I never doubted Nexon for one second -F3-. Oh Chris, that sword that you bought for 80k NX even though I warned you against it time and time again, DEAD. Oh and when Jen refused to listen to me when I told her that trading for these “super equips” was a bad idea. HAHA. I’m sorry, but I had to do this.

Dear Maplers,

During the unscheduled server maintenance, we are addressing an issue with certain items with abnormally created stats and their circulation in game. These items pose a threat to the balance of MapleStory and to restore order we will be taking the following steps to eliminate the abnormal items.

  • Any item that has been successfully upgraded beyond its allowed slots (including with Cash upgrades) will be removed from the players’ inventory and replaced with a clean, unscrolled version.
  • Any item that does not have successful upgrades beyond the allowed slots but has the possibility to be upgraded beyond the allowed slots will have the extra slots removed, and the item will remain as is.

If you are a player that had abnormal items removed you will experience the following upon logging into the game.

  1. A message will appear to your character with the abnormal items letting you know clean versions of the items have been placed in your Inventory.
  2. You will not receive the clean items if your Inventory is full. Please make space and relog to retrieve your items.
  3. If the abnormal items were in Storage, the clean itema will be given to the highest level character on the account. Please see #1 and #2 on how the items will be delivered.

The removal and replacement of illicit items will apply to all players currently in possession of the items regardless of how they were obtained. We cannot refund players who may have purchased abnormal items with mesos or through the MTS. We fully understand the chance of legitimate players affected by this issue and we made a very hard decision to keep a strong stance against any action that may endanger the game for all our players. We apologize for the inconveniences this may cause and truly appreciate your support to keeping the game healthy.

– The Maple Team –



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  1. I loled too. Some guildie of mine had a VSS 27 att x% something .. His merc was really strong because of that, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA xDDDD
    Yipeeee !!!!!!

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