[GMS] My Advance of the Union and Justice Predictions [Jan. 3, 2012]

There are a few changes to my predictions for the Union and Justice updates.

Firstly, let’s highlight my correctness in the predictions of the Legends dates.

I predicted the first Legends update for December 7, 2011. It arrived on December 7.

I predicted the second Legends update for December 21, 2011. I was 3 days late, with it arriving on December 19.

I predicted the third Legends update for January 11, 2012. It will arrive on January 11.

But yeah, on to Union and Justice. The percentage chances predicted below are the chance that we will receive the first part of each major update in the month stated. It is also my accurate prediction for the chance that we will receive the update in the month stated if we receive it as one update instead of in parts like in KoreaMS.

Advance of the Union

March: 35%
April: 45%
May: 10%
June: 10%


Early or Middle June: 7%
Late June/Early or Middle July: 85%
Late July or August: 8%

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  1. Have you seen the email I send you ?

  2. Zach .. could you help me with this.
    As you might know, I am following a study right now that has to do with Media and stuff. The reason why I wanted to do this study, is because I could then become a PR / Community Manager for either Treyarch or Nexon. Now… I have the feeling that that would never really happen. After I read that Josh Olin left Treyarch, it made me realise that Community managers aren’t really jobs… and they aren’t really that big part of the team as a designer and can easily be replaced or can be take on as a secondary job like Rober Bowling is doing.
    So right now I am debating with myself, if I should quit with this study, and stat doing a game designing study.
    I looked at Treyarch.com and they were asking for a GameDesigner/Scripter. I looked at the requirements but I am all confused….
    Does a game designer need to be able to DRAW ?!
    Because I can’t draw :s
    If I were to draw a maplestory SLIME, I would either make him to skinny or to tall, or he would look Fked up -,-
    For some reason I can’t put what I have in my mind, on paper.
    if I were to draw the Facebook image of MaplestoryAdventurers that is here on the right side of the comments, I would compeletly destroy it :p >>>>>>>>
    Is that a big problem ?

    When the latest Black Ops map pack was released they showed some guy working behind a computer, altering the level design of a map… that is what I want to do !
    I want to work for the team, I want to be able to say : Yeah, I created a map that people play on. Or something similiar to that. I want to be able to discuss with the team on what might be best for the game. I want to be heavily involved …
    What job fits that description ?

    Hehe …

    I am asking you because you are the only one that I know that has experience with this, and works in this “game” enviroment

    • With the guy behind the computer I mean it like 1:05 where he points at the screen, in this vid :

    • Yeah I got the email but by the time I saw it Mabinogi had already come back online :). You see Robbin the whole game design thing is artistic. A creative mind, a huge imagination and the ability of plan out your ideas on paper are huge pluses. Although it’s possible to do game design without it, it really would be harder doing every thing digitally. When I’m working with sprites or images on the computer I always have a drawing pen and paper with me and I’m sketching out every idea that comes to mind. It’s fun. And being able to share and explain your ideas with your workmates through drawing is also good. And sometimes when I’m looking at a sprite that needs something to be done to it and I can’t figure out the best way to do that, I grab my pen and paper and draw the sprite in a different way, make the change, and that helps clear things up to edit the sprite digitally.

      But yeah I think you’re doing the right thing thinking about walking away from that media course because doing that just for a PR/community relations manager career isn’t very smart. Those aren’t very good paying jobs so if you do that course you’d probably end up working in some other field other than games. What about going into game programming. Teach yourself basic programming and then take on a course on game programming.

      • Yeah, just went to google, did some searching and came across this blog of a dude… talked to him a little and he explained some things for me …
        The thing is, here in the Netherlands we have 2 kinds (acualy more .. but I could only choose between 2) kinds of math (when you are in highschool).
        I could either choose between A or B. A was considered more easy, while B was concidered to be “harder”.
        “A” had more to do with stories, chance, and graphs, while “B” was going more into the theory of math and 3D objects and much bigger and confusing math questions :p

        The thing is, I took Math A, but I need Math B for the gamedesigning, programming … and almost all “game” related studies… so I have to get a degree or something in that specific subject -,- ugh…

        But yeah, I was thinking about Programming. That one guy also said that there are a TON of designers, but not so many programmers. For a game you could only need 1 designer but you would need 5-100 programmers. So there are more jobs for programmers…… that is kind of like … what he said … 0~0

        So yeah .. I think of doing a programmer study. But then I most likely have to spend 1 more year just to get that stupid math B certificate -___________-

        OOOOh I feel soooooooo bad right now -,-
        My parent’s don’t know it yet, so they might be dissapointed .. I have to spend 1 more year before I can finaly start my 4 year education thingy … and if I don’t understand what is going on because it is to hard for me I am fucked -,-
        Great …
        Wasted 1 year by failing a year in High school.
        Wasted 1 year by doing the wrong study.
        Wasting 1 year by getting that stupid certificate.
        In that time I could have almost be a proffesional game programmer. Fuck .. My .. LIFE
        *RobbinisSAD* !!

        • Poor Robbin. I wish there was something I could do to make it easier for you. But the good thing is that you know what you want to do and how to get there. I disagree that there are more designers than programmers out there though. But yeah on a single game there are usually far more programmers than designers. But if you’re working on a big game that requires more than 20+, much less 100+ programmers, you’ll likely need to have more than a single designer. I work with many designers on this game.

          LOL. C++ is a programming language similar to Java or even HTML (but HTML is different in other ways). There are many different types of programming languages that you can use to develop programs. C++ is what’s used in many big games, including MapleStory. There are lots of programming languages from C++, C and Java to Pascal and BASIC. They all have different rules and words and stuff but depending on how advanced they are and how well you know them, they can be used to do similar things. But C++ and Java are two of the most important languages out there now.

          • oo balls … well it is good to know what C++ is 😉
            Now I just have to look for a good education. If I am lucky I don’t need to have Math “B”, but I highly doubt it 😦

  3. Btw, I keep seeing (like on treyarch’s job posting) C++

    I looked on the internet but that just confused me more,
    What is C++.
    Is that like showing you skill .. like your deducation level ..
    Like “A” is the highest level.
    And C++ is just the minimal level of education (knowledge about the subject) that is required.
    So like .. .a C++ is a minimal eduactional thingy for Game Designing to be able to aply for the job at Treyarch .. or is C++ a program .. :s

  4. To make things worse, Nexon decided to give me a kick to the stomach while I was on the ground. My evan (alchemy mule) needed 1 more space…. or it was my db blacksmith mule, so I decided to dropp drop some etc items, even though i only needed 1 etc space. One of the things I dropped were sunburst without expiration time because last timed i entered and left Ravana dungeon on the last day so i would get sunburst without expire date …. 3 days later Nexon reopens Golden Temple…. FML

  5. They decided to release Golden Temple after I dropped my sunburst 🙂

    • No. You decided to drop your sunbursts after they decided to release Golden Temple but before they actually released it -F3-.

      • Nah, I like to see it the other way, that way I have someone to blame 😉
        Hey, If you want I can also find a way how to blame you for this … xD

        So … I was asleep during hot time, what happened ?
        I read on Basil that there is a ‘new thread’ disable because MR. B doesn’t want everyone making threads about how it failed. Why .. what happened, did no one get the thing they were promised to get ?

        • Some people got items while others did not. I got an Aura Ring and I heard some people got Smegas. It failed because I’m pretty sure everyone should’ve gotten an item.

          • lol, how could it not fail .. I mean .. Nexon just got back from a unofficial break (nothing announcned, I just hear people shouting in rage on basil that Nexon is on a vacation .. and that HIME said she was on vacation ..)…

            I mean, what if something goes wrong .. like what happened with the familiar hacks …. or what if something goes wrong like like a server malfunction/shutdown… when everyone is gone for 2 weeks, no one will be able to reboot the server, thus resolving in maplestory having 2 weeks of down time …
            They should have known better .. I mean, you transformed me from hating Nexon, to liking Nexon .. But it seems like Nexon is forcing me to dislike them … 😦
            Btw … how was your bro’s vacation … Who was working at Nexon again, Orange ?
            ooooh ~~ Tomorrow is his wedding, wish him luck from me (not that you will do that since he doesn’t know me, but it is the spirit that counts).

            Are you in Jamaica now for his wedding ?
            Isn’t your big boss over at Activision/Blizzard, getting all pissed on you :p

            • It’s not as irresponsible as one might think. Nexon has for the past few years had a year-end break where starting in the last week of the year and going into the first week of the new year, everyone goes on a vacation. It’s listed on the careers page. And it’s just like when Nexon workers don’t work on weekend. All staff are on call. If a server dies, the staff must report to work. If there is a breakout of hacking (worse than usual -F3-), it must be delt with, etc. It’s not like they just throw the game to the wind for that time.

              His vacation was very busy. Preparing for the wedding. Nah, he knows about you. He reads the comments and even writes a few posts here. Yeah I’m in Jamaica. We at Blizzard have a short year-end break too, plus the public New Years holiday. Then at Blizzard (and Nexon and other companies) we get special time off for weddings.

              BTW, someone’s birthday is the 8th. Don’t forget :).

              • YOUR b-day ?!?!?!?!?

                No, your b-day is on May 21, yeah I remember 😉

                So who is it … wait I know, your other brother !!! Not Orange, but your older bro … AT LEAST IT’S SOMEONE IN YOUR HOUSE !!! muhahahaha 😉

                Now, about the Nexon Vacation thing … There was a massive ourbreak of hacking, FAMILIARS, what did they do ? NOTHING. HIME didn’t even know about it (and with that Nexon America) until someone on the forums told HIME about it.

                Now back to ME 😉

                What exactly is the job of a DEVELOPER, like .. what does a Dev do ?
                Can you become a Dev by doing a programmer thing that you suggested me ?
                Also, what is the difference between a Developer and Programmer & Game Designer.
                Is a programmer a job that you can become by climbing up in the compnay hierachy .. like .. that it is the same as a programmer, only you are more involved when making decisions and you make more money ? xD
                Also… what is the difference between a Senior [job] and a Junior [job], like Senior Designer and Junior Designer. Does it just mean that you are doing the proffesion longer and after 10 years you become Senior or something ? Or does it just mean that you are more in charge of the Junior team ? 😉

                Then finaly I have some questions about you moving to the USA.
                As you MUST (xD) know by now, I want to quit my study for game programming (my study calls it Development.. I guess).
                I am thinking about doing my study in either Canada or the USA, since I plan on moving to Canada anyways in the future, and I plan on working at either Treyarch or Nexon America….. What made you get the courage to move out… or was it just because your bro already lived there and you had a place to go ?
                And did you do your Game Designing study in the USA or Jamaica…

                So many questions, but it would be great if you could all answer them…
                Give your wife a BIG kiss, and have fun with your wedding night..

                Giggety !

                Tape it for me … JUST KIDDING xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
                But no seriously ….

                • Sunday is Brad’s first birthday :D. You should’ve check the ‘About’ page again. Well technically a developer is any part of the development team. It’s just that in popular speaking we refer to programmers as developers for whatever reason.

                  You hardly see a company actually referring to a position as ‘Junior’, but you see ‘Senior’ a lot. Yeah the Senior job is a higher level than the rest of the team, usually overseeing them. Usually the Senior is more qualified and has more experience than the other people.

                  Why would you move to Canada when both Nexon America and Treyarch are located like a 20 minute drive away from each other here in California. But Nexon used to have a development studio in Vancouver, Canada. It was called Humanature Studio and produced Sugar Rush. But it closed down and Sugar Rush was canceled :(. But yay if you work at Treyarch we’ll be working at the same corporation.

                  Truth is that my friends and I always had plans to move to LA together. My bro had already moved here and since California is the capital of American gaming, it was the perfect place for me to go to college. Me and my friend Mo moved up together and then my friend Jen came up a few months later. Then my girlfriend Sammi moved up 2 years later (we spent the 2nd and 3rd years of our relationship living thousands of miles away from each other). So it’s always been in the plans. I love Jamaica but I love LA too :). When I was still in high school in Jamaica I got involved with this art program since I love art lots that made me a qualified and diverse artist. I’ve like always been able to draw super well. Then when I moved to LA I was in college for 4 years. I did game design in the first through third years and then game programming in my second through fourth years (I did a double major in the 2nd and 3rd years). I just noticed how crazy my studies were O.O.

                • Thanks dude :D. It’s orange. I’m sure I’ll have fun.

  6. Ins’t doing 2 studies at the same time really hard ? Since your scedule might be Fked up, since you have 2 lessons at the same time…

    The reason why I want to move to Canada is because I love it. There is no country in the world that I love more than Canada, even my own country. The sad part is, like you said, all the gaming stuff is in the USA. I thought about that, and I realised that I might had to move to LA… Oooh well, everything to work at either Treyarch or Nexon America. And hey, I can always visit Canada during vacation time 😉

    • Well they’re related courses and have some common lessons. For frequent combinations like game design and game programming, the college usually makes sure that there will be no clashes between the classes.

      • To what school did you go, might go there too… was the programming hard ? :p
        And is it like (what i only know from movies) that you have dorms and stuff .. to stay in.. I hate that -,-


        well, cya, gotta go to work, from 1700 – 0100 at the mc donalds .. YAYYYYY making some Big Macs -,-

        • I went to UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles – one of the most popular and funnest schools in America). Yeah I stayed in a dorm O.O. Unless you have someone you can live with or live by yourself then IDK what else you’d do.

          • yeah . Just don’t like the stupid shit that I have seen on TV xD
            Was it fun ? Being in a dorm ? :p
            Might consider going to that school

            • College is fun if you make it fun. If you’re like me and you know how to party and have a good time then it’ll be fun. If you’re active in extracurriculars then it’s good too.

              • Alright, so you studied game Design and programming there ..
                Is it like you have dorms for specific things … like Game-related, and Sports-related, Art-related, or is everything mixed

  7. kay cool.. did you have a crazy roommate ? xD

    • He was just like me. So yeah, pretty crazy. He was artistic too and we had some common classes even though we were doing different courses. We studied together, went to parties together, threw parties together and made prank calls together -F3-. We both had gfs who lived far away (his lived in Redding and mine lived all the way in Jamaica), etc. etc. We still talk to each other a lot even though he moved to live closer to his parents in Redding which is like half a day worth of driving away from LA.

  8. Bet no one wants to know what i want to do ;-;.Im going to grade 9 after this summer.

    • You can draw. Correct? Come on you two, 24 comments until this is my most commented post/page ever. WE CAN DO IT! But no spamming.

      • tell me more about the UCLA, what was it like, how big is it, any pictures ?

      • reply ? I just a reason to comment more… SO COMMENT !! xD

        • Sorry LOL. I hadn’t checked the comments for a few days. But the size of a school is so relative. It’s not that big in comparison to other Universities of California but it is big. It’s really crowded though, but that’s not a bad thing for me.

          • yeah .. I think about doing my studies in Canada. I have a (had a .. depends on how you look at it, since I haven’t quit yet but plan on doing so) a Canadian teacher in my current study-thing… She said that UCLA is expensive, and that it is cheaper in Canada (like in the Netherlands it is funded by the government)… so I think about going to Canada. I know it is a different country, but do you have any knowledge of good schools there that you recommened, or really bad ones ? xD

            ooh and on a sidenote : Nexon screwed me over again xD.
            Bought a 2x coupon for 4 hrs, after 1 hours I dc, I check the website : Unscheduled maintenance….. for 3 hours ! By the time it is over I only have 10 minuts left, any advise ? Should I log a ticket or isn’t it worth it .. To make matters even worse it was my last NX !
            Some hacker got into my accoutn again ! Just like on November 25th, and bought arrows in MTS for 20k !
            I just lost 35K nx to a hacker !!!!!

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