[MSU] Happy New Year 2012!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year to you all. 2011 was a really great year for me and I hope it was even better for you. I also hope that 2012 will be just as great, if not better, for us all. I’m looking forward to seeing what this year will bring, the triumphs, the challenges, the great times and the bad.

In MapleStory we recovered from the biggest bang of them all: The Big Bang, saw the release of five new classes and three new worlds, broke one of the only things that fellow 2D side-scrolling MMO WonderKing had over us with the addition of PvP. We killed the high levels for solo players with the Lion King’s Castle, built new alliances with the Rise of Fellowship and some of our classes Ascended to new heights. Party play options continued with a revamp of party quests and the great Golden Temple rose for a short time to aid us in our journey for a small NX fee. There were those turbulent times also, as many accounts were compromised in both the Global and Korean services of the game. Oh boy, the server crashes and extended maintenances, I’ll never forget them. But I’ve seen a general improvement in Nexon’s service over the year with improvements in customer service and fewer and fewer maintenance and updates being extended. But there is still a far way to go if Nexon’s service is to live up to their market dominance.

On the side of the Msupdate Blog, over 600,000 hits, up approximately 170% from 2010. 378 new posts, more than one per day. Over 2,000 new comments, about a third of which were made by nightcodex/thechazz and another quarter by me. More visitors came from the United States than from any other country, with Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, taking up the next few places. The most viewed post was, believe it or not, Dragon Nest Class Guide with Shanda To Self-Publish Dragon Nest in Asia not too far behind. Both posts soared during the bet phase of Dragon Nest SEA and America and although they have fallen since, aren’t too far behind more relevant posts to this day. The huge majority of my visitors continues to be from search engines with referrals from such sites as basilmarket, the AsiaSoft forums and the Dragon Nest SEA forums.

Well, welcome to 2012! It’s time for another one of Msupdate’s NX giveaways! If you’re reading this post, whether you are a regular visitors of first timer, take this survey. Complete it for a chance to win 10,000 NX.


Keep posted to the Msupdate Blog!

Edit: The survey will be closed on Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 6:00PM Pacific/9:00PM Eastern and select NX awardees will be contacted by the email address they provided by Wednesday, January 18 2012.


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  1. Haha I loled at the 2000 comment part 😉

    You should enjoy my survey answer on : “what could be improved”

    • I’ll consider it -F3-.

        • I’m serious though. You do deserve some recognition.

          • lawl, nah :p
            Zach take a look at this :


            It all started on a good Monday evening. I was just talking to some random people in my Imperial guild/aliance in KMS when the conversation suddenly was about Mabinogi 2 and some weird system. They talked about boobs and stuff, but it was unclear what the system was about to me. He said there was a video about it on youtube, called something like, “Mabinogi 2 [korean text I could not typ] system”. He then found out it got flagged and removed from youtube. So I did my search on youtube … nothing… then I did a google search … nothing.
            But then I noticed this article about Maplestory 2 and Mabinogi 2 from 2010. I remember you also talking about this, but this article states that Nexon planned on releaseing Maplestory 2 and mabinogi 2 Q4 of 2011 … well … it is not here now, so maybe any time soon ?
            The thing that makes me confused is this, Maplestory and Mabinogi are both MMO games. You don’t really work with safe files and a story that can be completed. It is a everlasting journey for the players enjoyment. Why and HOW could you make a sequal out of that…. while the original is still running !!!!
            So here are my predictions, either they leave the original games running, and have a COMPLETLY different game ( I think maplestory will be in 3D), ORRRRRRRRR they shut down the original and force everyone to ship over to the sequal / don’t release any more content for the original games …
            But this would cause a problem. Players invested LOADS of time and money in these games. They might lose friends too. They aren’t able to play there beloved characters. It is like taking away my PS3, and never give me the opportunerty to play the exclusives ever, and only give me a stupid XBOX :p

            I am just wondering what Nexon is planning with these 2 games.
            The only way how maplestory 2 can be a succes in my eyes, is if they make it exactly like maplestory (with the graphics and stuff … .2D) but make you the evil side. So in Maplestory (1) you play as adventureres and the good classes, but in Maplestory 2 you play as the evil Black Wings and other factions that support the Black Mage, or maybe another supreme overlord. The only way how this would work, is if they intergrate the 2 games. So that players have a reason to download and play Maplestory 2, but they are still in the maple UNIVERSE. It is like merging servers, I can see all the other players and enjoy the economy and everything, but I am still in my own server.

            So they should merge Maplestory and Maplestory 2, because having 2 seperate games with only 1 minor difference is a complete fail. But if I can see people walking that are playing as a Puppeteer in Maplestory 2 while I am playing Maplestory original, I tihnk it adds a whole new aspect.
            This way it is like you have 2 maplestories, Maplestory Good (original) and Maplestory Evil (2)

            • The article is right, both MapleStory 2 and Mabinogi 2 were scheduled for release in 2011. There’s a post about it somewhere on my blog. They were announced around the same time a couple years ago but since then MapleStory 2 has been really quiet while Mabinogi 2 has been heard about from Nexon relatively often.

              The physics in Mabinogi 2 is really great, it’s like Vindictus. Mabinogi 2 was actually used as an example of the capabilities of the game engine it was built on at some expo and the game was unveiled in Korea at GStar 2011 which was in November. It has already gone through its first alpha tests and Nexon seems to be really happy about it and expects it to do well when it goes public. Mabinogi 2 is developed by DevCAT, the same studio which developed Mabinogi, Vindictus and Husky Express.

              MapleStory 2, on the other hand, has been out of the spotlight. It hasn’t even been mentioned in so long… I don’t even know if it’s still under development. Maybe it has been canceled. IDK. But nobody except Nexon knows how it will look, its plot or anything like that so don’t listen to anyone who thinks they know about it yet. And that link in your other comment isn’t MapleStory. That’s Punch Monster from NCSoft, and it is a pretty cool casual game.

              • oo thank god that werent pics of ms2, but I dont dunerstand why they would make a sequal to an MMO. I mean, you have to start over, and start a new character while saying goodbye to you other character in the original… it sucks, I don’t get why people want to do it ..

                • I don’t know why you and other people keep acting as if the sequel is a re-make of the original or anything like that. It’s a totally different game with a different storyline that usually ties in with the storyline of the original game. Sometimes the original game and that sequel/prequel have two completely different play styles, as is the case with the original Mabinogi and the prequel Vindictus. It’s a new game that the publisher is launching. The same way you can play more than one game at once or quit one game for another, you can play the sequel.



    Please god, PLEASE (!!!!!)
    This is like Maplestory mixed with DFO and then have the graphics turned down so much that even a phone from the ’90’s can play it … and they don’t even have color !

    Ooooh god please let this just be a fake rumor, this will kill the name “Maplestory”

  3. but then wy call it MABINOGI 2 ?

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