Happy Holidays From Msupdate

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means! Everything’s great! Well, if things aren’t great for you then cheer up because you can’t be anything other than happy at this time of year. Whether you celebrate the holidays just for the festivities, for religious reasons or for whatever other reason, I hope you enjoy yourselves.

Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb, classic.


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  1. Happy hollidays…. wanted to make a comment, got distracted for 1 hour. Realised this tab was still on, forgot my comment …

    Will get back to it later … now it’s 2x time πŸ˜‰



        haha, but no to be serious I love chrismas. It is my favorite (clichΓ©) time of the year…
        I love it maybe more than my b-day. I hate it how in The Nehterlands it’s not so big as in the USA or Canada. I mean, it is big, but not so big as where you are right now, asuming you are not in Jamaica now to spend the holidays πŸ™‚
        I really love x-mas, and I can’t wait to immigrate to Canada so I can fully enjoy Halloween, x-mas, black friday and what not….. LOVE IT all πŸ˜‰

        • Yeah I know that Christa\mas is much smaller in non-English speaking countries. You’re planning on moving to Canada? Cool. And nah I’m in the US right now but I’ll be in Jamaica from the 28th of December to the 6th of January for my brother’s wedding, to celebrate the New Years and to vote.

          • haha :p
            Yeah I plan on moving to Canada once I am done with my study.. I am doing something like Media Exploration .. and a mix of Journalism .. and some photoshop with that …
            In theory I could become a Community Manager / PR manager. A future job possibily for my study is PR manager, so I think Community Manager won’t be so different. However, I want to do some coding, I want to be involved in the CREATION of the game, coming up with all new aspects.. like Killstreaks for CoD, or New Jobs/content for Maplestory… Much like Robert Bowling and Luis Reyes πŸ˜‰

            So I think I am going to drop my study after I finish my first year .. don’t know why but I hear people saying that its best to finish the first year and then quit, than quit half way .. don’t know why though o_0

            Is it possible to do a coding-like study without having an knowledge of coding..,. I mean, I know the principle, that one thing activates another .. Like :
            ((lv 120 cygnus > complete quest = UA)(<lv120 cygnus =/= UA quest)) xDDDD something like that, kind of like math :p
            I have a friend who is learning for website designer or something, and he said it is possible, since he didnt know much about it and he can keep up now :p
            He said you just have to know the basics of how a computer works .. like with extensions of a document name :p

            • He’s right. Once you have the basics of a computer and can do some simple logic math and algorithms and can understand:

              if a = 2
              then a + 0 = 2
              else a + 0 =/= 2


              number of fruits in basket = 10
              if number of apples in basket > 5
              then the majority of the fruits in the basket are apples
              if number of oranges in basket > 5
              then the majority of the fruits in the basket are oranges
              if number of apples in basket = 5
              then there is an equal number of oranges and apples in the basket

              then you can work yourself into coding with hard work and determination. Those two example are the first two things I learnt in college. Once you understand that, you’re on track.

              • really ?? That is soooo easy ! I am not lieing, I had that (not that easy example) but hard questions, last year in high school… we here in the netherlands have a grade system from 1-10, where 10 is the highest and 1 is like a “F”………. I had a 8.9 or something for that on my Exam … my Finals … my .. what ever is before graduation .. the final big test xD
                And thrust me, I am not the smartest person, I am not the nerdy kind of guy, kind of like the opposite, I am lazy xD But for some reason I did really good when it invovled those math questions. I also got high grades for that during other tests in the year …
                OOOO I hope I will do well… but that is really the first thing you learned in college, did you need any other knowledge … :p
                and what was it agian that you did, you did Game Design right ? Isn’t that different from the coding stuff ?
                If I want to be like Luis Reyes or Robert Bowling, like, work in the company with coding (really creating the game) and creating content (like coming up with new jobs, sitting at the table over at Nexon Korea and discussing what would be a cool new job) AND being a community manager kind of like as a extra, like what both Robert Bowling and Luis Reyes are doing ? Or isn’t there a job like that.
                Those 2 people are my gaming industry heroes. You are 3rd πŸ˜‰
                And your bro @ Nexon is 4th :p
                I guess xDD
                OOh speaking of your bro, which one is getting married ?
                Your older bro, your ps3 bro or your youngest bro that just passed his finals together with me earlier this year … or another mysterious bro that I never heard of that suddenly came out of nowhere saying : “Hey Zach, you might not know me but I am your brother, now join my at my wedding, give me presents, and then I reveal that you aren’t really my brother and that I only did this to get some extra gifts, only to realise that you have had a secret afaire with my wife. Then I go and kidnap your kid, threathen to kill it unless you give me money, after which you call the cops, I hide in my basement, but then suddenly the police come in, free the baby and then I go to jail for a good long time”… That bro ?

                • I studied both game design and game programming in a double major, spent 4 years total but each takes 3 years. First year I did game design, second and third years I did both and final year I did only game programming.

                  Okay, my family:
                  1. Brother Blaine (real name: Marlon) – 31, married, 3 kids
                  2. Brother Orange (real name: Ricardo) – 26, getting married, 2 kids
                  3. Me (real name: Zach) – 24, not married, 1 kid
                  4. Half Brother Christopher – he died when he was a little less than 2 months old
                  5. Half Sister Naomi – 19, Duy’s twin sister, lives with her mother who is my father’s ex, only met her a few times many years ago
                  6. Half Brother Duy (real name: Damien) – 19, Naomi’s twin sister, lives with us
                  7. Sister Shanice – 18
                  8. Sister Kerri-Ann – 15

                  My parents were together but now married but lived together and had Blaine through me. They broke up and my Dad still took care of us but lived his new girlfriend and had Christopher, Naomi and Duy. Then my parents got back together and actually got married this time and had Shanice and Kerri-Ann. Eight children, 16 years apart from each other. My dad has his first and last children at age 21 and 38 while my mom had her first and last children at 18 and 34. Complicated family.

                  So yeah, it’s my older brother Orange who’s getting married.

  2. Lol, but you still haven’t answered, WHO IS THE PS3 dude and who is the bro that just graduated.. If I can remember correctly Orange is the PS3 dude, and Duy is the one that passed his exam earlier this year .. right ? xD

    Complicated indeed xD
    And I am sorry about Christopher, makes me feel sad … 😦

    Also … I HOPE you made a mistake, but you say that Duy is your half BROTHER, and that he is the twin SISTER of Naomi πŸ˜‰
    I have to say I really like the names in your famliy :p
    Anyone has typical jamaican hair or clothes :p
    Like ….

    (wihtout hte smoking, coudln’t really find a good picture, I am kind of in a hurry, want it get back to maplestory training my 8x merc at MP3 :p)

    I remember when I was little I went on a vacation with my family ( I think it was in Jamaica), and there was some random dude standing next to the road while we were driving to (or from) out hotel … and he was selling coconuts… We bought one while sitting in out car (I think xD) and OMG .. it was so awfull … ewww xD



      Yeah woops. Duy is Naomi’s twin brother :D.

      Yup our names rock.

      Trust me, that’s not typical. Only a small percentage of Jamaicans actually look anything like that, mostly the rastas.

      • Hehe, it is funny because your name, Zach, isn’t really that Jaican, more American… But I LOVE IT. I am not lieing, if I ever get a kid, and it’s a boy (duh -,-) I will think about naming it to my current favority game designer working at ACTVISION-Blizzard .. orthe other way around … Blizzard-Activision w/e

        • Yeah, none of the male names in our family are really what foreigners expect from Jamaicans. Zach, Ricardo, Damien and Marlon. But Shanice and Kerri-Ann are Jamaican. It’s Activision Blizzard. Specifically, I work at Blizzard.

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