[WK] Temporary WonderKing Shut Down

I’m so super sad to report that Ignited Games has announced the temporary closure of WonderKing, the 2D side-scrolling MMORPG.

To our valued players and community,
First of all, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for displaying your continuous support and affection towards WonderKing. Because we understand how valuable our community is to us, we do our best to inform you of any important changes that could affect you.
With the transition of WonderKing to Ignited Games, we imagined that we would be able to show our new community all the great things an experienced publisher had to offer. However, with some of the unforeseen developments of the past few months, we feel that this may be delayed.
As some of you may know, we have been working hard to resolve all the issues that we have faced with the developers. Even with all the obstacles we have had, we’ve continued to maintain our service and tried to provide the best services we could offer. However, we regret to inform you that we have no choice but to temporarily discontinue service for WonderKing due to unresolved issues with the developers, including the limited amount of new content without their full support.
The WonderKing developers are currently in the process of restructuring to support WonderKing, but it will take some time before their service can be back up to par with the support we agreed upon. Therefore, as much as it pains us to do so, we will be temporarily shutting down WonderKing for a few months until we begin receiving the high standard of support we adhere to here at Ignited Games. This has been an extremely hard decision for us to make, as we all have a deep love for WonderKing, but we believe it is the best course of action to take.
With heavy hearts, we hereby officially announce that the WonderKing Item Mall will be closed on December 5, 2011 at 6pm PST, and game servers will be shut down on December 29, 2011 at 12pm PST. Although the service will be down, all WonderKing user data will be kept to restore once the service is back up. We’ve prepared a number of compensation rewards for all WonderKing players. All reimbursed iCash will be given on December 5, 2011 at 7pm PST and we hope you understand that this is our best effort to benefit you.




iCash Amount

Accounts with character

All WK accounts with a character level 30 above

500 iCash

Accounts with purchase history

All WK accounts that have item purchase history

1,000 iCash

Refund item purchase

Item purchase from 9/1/11 to 12/5/11 6PM (PST) will be refunded with iCash


Item Purchase between 09/01 – 09/30 : 30% iCash refund

Item Purchase between 10/01 – 10/31 : 60% iCash refund

Item Purchase between 11/01 – 12/05 : 100% iCash refund

*All iCash given through this reimbursement will expire after 30 days. You can use the iCash on all of our Ignited Games.

We believe WonderKing will shine again once the developers work together to enhance and rebuild the game within their new company. In the meantime, please make sure to visit our website often for more updates and news! We are committed to keeping our community informed of any developments and to resolve this positively.
We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to see you in one of our other games.
Thank you for all your patience and support.
The WonderKing Team

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  1. “Therefore, as much as it pains us to do so, we will be temporarily shutting down WonderKing for a few months until we begin receiving the high standard of support we adhere to here at Ignited Games. This has been an extremely hard decision for us to make, as we all have a deep love for WonderKing, but we believe it is the best course of action to take.”

    Let me translate that : “Therefore, as much as we act that it pains us (while we actualy only care about the moneyloss), we have to shutdown Wondering. Why you might ask ? The developers are lazy. They aren’t making new content for us so we pay them to do nothing. Without new content we will lose players. Losing players = losing money. So to save some money we will shutdown the servers. This way we don’t have to pay to run the useless ervers anymore, people won’t leave casue when we reopen they will come back, and we get to pay the devs less..”

    But now on a serious note … above was serious but this is more serious… what happened ?
    Did the game get taken over by another company. And then the devs refused to make new content or something because they were mad with the new “boss”..

    Woah Infinity Ward all over again

    • No. The developer had issues with the previous publishers, Ndoors, too. The game switch hands to Ignited Games and everyone thought the problems would be solved. They weren’t. For whatever reason, the North American service still isn’t getting new content.

      But yeah, they’re shutting the game down because it isn’t very profitable in its present state. It must have been a hard decision to make though because since the game was so relatively small the team and the players had a relatively close relationship.

      WK is a game with such potential.

      • I see WK as a more realistic darker Maplestory…. more 3D..
        But what is wrong with the devs ? Too lazy ? Is that why Ndoors said, bye bye go to Ignited games ??
        Howfar is the northamerican service behind other versions …. and WHY !?!?!?
        Just fire those dreaded devs !
        So many questions unanswered…… time :p

        • The North American service is way behind other services. WonderKing just… I don’t know. It’s a really great game, but I don’t know lol…

          • so what is the problem with the devs .. why won’t they work ?
            What would you boss do (besides firing you) if your team refused to work … Kick your ass in a dark room with no one to see that he is beating you up and then when you come back he tells everyone that you fell on the floor, broke your nose and that he then suddenly came in and tried to help you ? xD

            • No you don’t understand. It’s not a situation like Nexon (and “Wizet”) where the developers are basically apart of the publishing company. It’s not an internal matter like that. In WK’s case the developer and the publisher are two completely different people. They have formed a partnership for the publisher to have the right to distribute, operate and manage the running of the game in a region for a period of time (after which the partnership can be reformed, renegotiated or terminated) while the developer basically owns the game and develops it. The developer as a company is in dispute with the publisher as a company. I think with the previous publisher, Ndoors, it was an actual legal dispute that was settled but even though there is now a new publisher the issues with the developer and the servicing of the North American/Global service of the game remain. So no one can fire anyone since they are two different companies and it’s not the developers the people who are giving trouble it’s the developers the entire company.

  2. simple question…
    when wonderking will be back??
    give to us some answer..2months??3months??

  3. But… when the game return our characters will be delected or not? sorry for my english I’m brazilian

  4. Its stil not back why wonderking why did you needed to shutdown

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