[GMS] My Advance of the Union and Justice Predictions

The percentage chances predicted below are the chance that we will receive the first part of each major update in the month stated.

Advance of the Union

March: 30%
April: 45%
May: 10%
June: 10%
July: 5%


May: >1%
June: 15%
July (or very late June): 70%
August: 15%

I say we’ll get the Advance of the Union (revamps) as our Spring update and then the bigger Justice update with the new classes over the Summer.


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  1. I think Advance of the Union will be one patch like Ascension.

    • So do I. The chance for the update if we get it as one update and the chance for the first update if we get it in parts are the same.

      • Thân Hữu Trọng

        GMS Advance of Union: February to April.
        GMS Justice: Mid June.

        • Possibly, but mid-June seems a bit early to me considering that Justice holds a highly anticipated and innovative new class and the time of peak player activity in GlobalMS doesn’t begin until late June or early July.

  2. Im gunna say june and july for justice then some exclusive content like chaos.

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