[GMS 1.04] Mercedes: December 19

Hear it here first. Mercedes is coming to MapleStory on December 19!

From the official MapleStory Facebook page.


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  1. lol, delayed Cannon Shooter = Rushed Mercedes.
    Hoping for a rushed Demon Slayer .. and hoping that GMS doesn’t screw them over as much as KMS just did, but I believe that that is most unlikely 😦

    • What makes you think they’re rushed? And what makes you think Cannoneers were delayed?

      • A patch is almost always at Wednesday. Why do you tihnk people thought that it wasgoing to get released the 7th. Also, 80% of the job stuff were in there, yet he hasn’t been released yet. So it is kind of a delay. Why RUshed Mercedes ? Cause it gets released on Monday, and like I said before, rarely, if not never, there has ever been a patch on Monday 🙂

    • i think its rushed too…. in KMS cannon shooter was realeased on a 6th i think and mercedes 22th of july….. so the difference between the both realeases its shorter in GMS…. so rushed…..

  2. Cannon Shooter- 7-7
    Mercedes- 7-21

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