Minor Set Back

Call us weird, but my group of best friends IRL do this thing every Christmas and Summer when we dare each other to do something. My dare was to only be on the internet for only half an hour each day from December 7 to 9 unless it’s for work. So yeah, that’s why I haven’t been around. But I’m back! Oh yeah, almost forgot. Minor set back: My laptop is in San Francisco (lent it to my friend because his was overheating), my desktop’s monitor is dead and my first spare monitor fell and broke when I was taking out of my storage cupboard. So at the moment I’m typing this on my second spare monitor that I didn’t even expect to work anymore. It’s an old IBM monitor that is nearly as old as the Earth itself. I don’t even know why I still have it, but it’s coming in handy.

Legendary Hot Time Event

Saturday, December 10
2:30 PM Pacific

Read all the details here!


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  1. Worst … Hot .. Time … Ever, got cologne .. +100 charm …. Fan-Tucking-Fastic -,-

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