[EMS 0.77] Chaos – Return of the Heroes


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  1. About time.. EMS is still 1 year behind KMS -,-

    • Yeah, but remember that just like us they choose to wait until Holidays months to bring in big updates to maximize on player activity and revenue creation. Chaos is a big update, they’d be mad to bring it in any other time but now.

      • I know that they wait for the summer.winter for it, but it is sad for EMS’ers. I mean, I got so crazy from loking at what KMS got when I played EMS back in the day, I knew I had to wait 2 years for it. Then I switched to GMS, and now my mind is going crazy for waiting 6 months !!!! I mean, I want new new jobs now. Not NEW jobs like Demon Slayer that aren’t out in GMS yet, but NEW NEW jobs, the new ones that KMS doesn’t even has :p Everything when GMS gets somehing cool like a new job, KMS gets something better, except wiht Big Bang, because when we got BB, they got chaos, wich was NOTHING compared to Big Bang.

        About you not being accepted as a tester, isn’t it obvious ?
        You should have never stated that you work for their big competitor, Blizzard. YOu can be happy that they haven’t hacked your wordpress yet ;p

        Anywayz, I finaly got my KMS account working thanks to Leafre, and realised that KMS is really BORING. For some reason, it bores the crap out of me. I made a gunslinger, for the upcoming patch …. hes like lvl 23 now, took me 3 ****ing hours !!!!! in GMS it is going so much faster. I suddenly realise howmuch of their own stuff GMS implents. I mean … some NPC’s aren’t in the same spot in GMS as they are in KMS.. And on maple island, KMS doesn’t have that bunny girl and that old guy, that want you to kill 10 blue snails, mushrooms and get 1 big mnushroom cap …

        KMS is way worse in the way of -fast leveling- compared to GMS.

        BTW, I like the little snow that comes infront of my screen 😉

  2. Wait … They got the Artisans before Heros Revamp? :O

    By the way … you aren’t making a GMS Tespia Post? 😦

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