[KMS] 13,000,000 Account’s Information Leaked Following MapleStory Hacking

I know I’m late but it didn’t strike me to post on this until now for some reason.

On November 24, the Korean servers of MapleStory were hacked allowing the personal information, including names, Nexon IDs, Nexon passwords and Korean Social Security Numbers, of 13.22 million (13,220,000) MapleStory accounts to be leaked. Nexon reported this to the South Korean police on November 25.

The password and social security numbers from the accounts were encrypted but if hackers find a way to decrypt the information, the situation could become far worse.

Nexon will 1) encourage people to change their password 2) build a protecting system for dormant accounts 3) integrate all memberships into one account until June, 2012 4) build Global Security Center.

It is the second biggest hacking event in Korea. The biggest was SKComs hacking event in July, which lost about 35 million users personal information. That is 70% of the whole population in Korea.

Nexon has insisted that accounts in Japan, North America and Europe have not be compromised as it is just the Korean servers which were hacked.

It is likely that this hacking incident will be a sizable blow to Nexon’s expected $1.28 billion initial public offering.


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  1. I know I am not late but…
    as usual xD
    But no, I am not a first whore, just thought it would be fun to do it for once

  2. Ya it’s really late, it happened last week, I did knew it by a local newspaper this week.

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