Why I Do Not Train at Lion King’s Castle Or Monster Park

So I’m a 4th job player who has decided to boycott Lion King’s Castle and Monster Park. Suicide, right? Yes. It is one of the worst decisions I have ever made but I’m doing it for a reason:

I am protesting the fact that the only option for players in these levels are party-play zones. There should be a normal-play alternative to these regions for people like me who prefer that style of gameplay.

I’m that type of person. No matter how stupid it may seem, I’m going to do or not do something to stand up for how I feel. Even it’s just me and me, being a single person, can’t make that much of an impact, I don’t care. I’m going to do it. Sooooo I’ve struggled to level up my 4th job characters… well actually, I’ve only been playing one, my Scanian Mechanic. I’ll continue to struggle, while working on my Legends classes.

And remember, if you ever want to contact me in Scania, check out

MechCo (Mechanic)
SwordCo (Dawn Warrior)
CannonCo (when Cannoneers are released)
DualBowCo (when Mercedes are released)
WingsCo (when Demon Slayers are released)


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  1. Question : Why I Do Not Train at Lion King’s Castle Or Monster Park ?
    Answer : I am not Mainstream -Zach, what he posts on his blog

    Question : Why I Do Not Train at Lion King’s Castle Or Monster Park ?
    Answer : I am not strong enough, I am nubby and no one wants be in their party so I can’t participate in Lion King’s Castle or Monster park so I act like I am not mainstreak – Zach, real reason :p

  2. i just hate that the only way to train past 4th job is party play and bossing. i always die at bosses cause of lagg (doesnt help that im a mage). i dont like lhc either because you need a party of 6. only ways to train now are pqs, lhc, and monster parks, which is impossible in empty servers. i can raerly find parties which is frustrating.

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