[GMS 1.04] New World: Legend?

Update: It has come to my attention that the balloons are not necessarily a hint towards Legend server. According to Daikukuro:

Those balloons were given only to those CS,DS & Merc who go to 50.
Another Pink balloon was also given when you got to 70. After changing to 3rd Job,you get a combind Blue & Pink balloon in one.

So in total 3 Perma balloon Cash Shop capes!

It has nothing to do with the legend server whatsoever ^^

But mark my words, folks, Legend server will come with Cannoneers or my name isn’t Oh Great Lord His Excellency The Most Honorable Msupdate, King of MapleStory.

I predicted that the new world we get with the first Legends update would be


and it seems that it will, in fact, be the new world with Cannoneers. I didn’t notice it before, but look at the balloon that female character is holding. It has a “L” symbol similar in shape to the symbol on the Legend server logo. Proof? Maybe.

I say that we will get at least one other server with the Legends updates. I predict either Elf, Titan or Cosmo server will be added in with the Mercedes update.


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  1. what female character .. is that from the stupid monkey gaga new busness attendance event … it takes toooooo loooong -,-
    I hate it

  2. First time seeing you wrong so I had to post!

    No its not a sign of the Legend server.
    Those balloons were given only to those CS,DS & Merc who go to 50.
    Another Pink balloon was also given when you got to 70. After changing to 3rd Job,you get a combind Blue & Pink balloon in one.

    So in total 3 Perma balloon Cash Shop capes!

    It has nothing to do with the legend server whatsoever ^^

    • It’s only the first time you’re seeing me wrong? But I’m wrong all the time, especially recently. Oh, I stand corrected. But I still expect Legend server :).

  3. I wish we have a new server coming. This will be the first time starting from a new server.

    I mean, new job, new life, no funded people, no stress for hit more than another, new friends. Except the money, and I hate Merch.

    By the way, I wanna say to you that you are a damn great GMS blogger, for me, the better one. You show that your name really is “Oh Great Lord His Excellency The Most Honorable Msupdate, King of MapleStory”.

    Just need a bit more followers 😉

    • Don’t worry, even though that wasn’t a hint towards Legend server I’m still pretty certain we’ll get a new server so you’ll probably get your chance. But I’ve been saying I want to do the same thing in new servers over my entire Maple career but every time I try I miss my friends so it’s back to Scania and Bera with me.

      Thanks :D. You see my blog was started solely as a place a store and publicize my update predictions (which the new patching schedule has made quite inactive) with a little casual blogging along the sides. I had from then taken a quantity over quality approach that even now when the blog has become more popular and serious, I’m finding hard to let go of. I said I would start merging posts on related matters rather than individual posts for each topic, but that transition is going much more slowly than expected. I think it’s the fact that I take an approach of quantity over quality why I get the viewers from referrals and search engines but only a small percentage of these actually stick around. I also find it strange that so few comment. A lot talk to me by email or basilmarket (I keep my SouthPerry life and blogging life separate) but comment once or twice and don’t comment again even though they visit regularly. But this recent theme change is the first in what I hope to be a series of pretty minor changes around here that will add up to a big change. That is if I can just keep focused and not forget about my plans.

    • Hey, don’t suck up to my Honey !

  4. In all honesty,GMS needs more server mergers rather than more servers.

    Its a pity to see most PQ’s empty even after the revamp.
    Not to mention that Monster Park is deserted.

    In KMS monster park is like C1 FM1.
    Its really sad to see such a poor condition in GMS.

    Now you might say that its because of the LHC & EF & Neo Tokyo party play zones but you are forgetting that it will all change since Union Update changed em to Theme Zones like Mushroom Kingdom.

    So basically what this place needs is more people so that more training maps will be occupied & people will be forced to PQ & MP.

    • You’re right. GMS has enough players to fill all of the current servers but too many players are going to the original worlds like Scania, Bera, Broa and Windia leaving newer worlds to suffer from underpopulation. Underpopulated worlds need to be merged and players (especially new players) encouraged to start playing in newer worlds.

      • Wasn’t there a accouncement tha they would merged .. I guess Yellone and Khania or something in the next serve maintance/patch…. IN MAY !!!!!! wtf Nexon, way to keep us informed on why you canceled it -,-

        • Yellonde and Kradia I believe. The merge was delayed indefinitely due to “technical difficulties”. And it seems someone needs a lesson on the worlds considering there’s no such world as “Khania”. There’s “Khaini” and there’s “Kradia”.

          Scania (Beta)
          Bera (Beta)
          Broa (Official Launch)
          Windia (3rd Job Advancement)
          Demethos (Pirates)
          Galicia (Aran)
          El Nido (Big Bang)
          Zenith (Big Bang)
          Arcania (Big Bang – Rise of the Resistance)
          Chaos (Chaos – Age of Heroes)
          Nova (Chaos – Age of Artisans)

          • Someone need to get a lesson in LHC & MP….. F3
            Someone also needs a lesson in being nice to your most commenter….ter xD JK
            Someoen also needs a lesson in that a new thief hero trail has been released : Justice

            He reminds me of Yugioh .. I think he will use cards.. Finaly ! Ever since I played Final Fantasy Tactics advance A2 Grimore of the Rift, I knew there would be a card user in Maplestory, but I would like to see how you can Damage a boss like Horntail or Zakum with a card o_0

            • -F3- well that ‘someone’ isn’t me -F3 again-.

              Yeah I heard about Justice and it looks pretty awesome :).

              • I hate it how I get flamed on Basil -,-
                Made a thread about the new justice thing. Then I get flamed like .. “oooooh it isn’t evan but it’s frued”…

                FIRST OF ALL !!! That character who is EVAN is shown in revamp trailers and Nexon Korea calls him Evan. Job creation screen .. there he is called EVAN.
                Only because they saw him in the mercedes trailer they think he isn’t Evan anymore but Frued. We saw Freed/Frued in Evan’s dream. he looked nothing like Evan (I guess, Can’t remember). And HOW STUPID would it be for Evan to look like a twin brother of Frued o_0
                That would be to confusing. I think it went like this :
                Mercedes trailer, KMS F’d UP. They wanted to show a cool class fighting next to Mercedes. There were a couple options, 1 : Demon Slayer
                2. EVAN
                3. ARAN

                They didn’t want DeS, because it needed it’s own trailer.
                They didn’t put in ARAN for some reason but went for EVAN. A little 10 year old kid …. o_0

                They just made a mistake in the trailer, putting in Evan instead of Frued.

                Then with this new trailer, they just showed EVAN talking to a future new job.
                Evan is curious about all this talk about a thief&pirate revamp. So a random dude comes to his window. Evan realises it is a fellow Hero that his Dragon told him about, he has a talk, dude tries to act though by swinging his cape, throwing some cards, and off-screen falling out of the window #concusion.
                But they won’t show that !

                now people think the dude that looks 100% like the character that we call EVAN who is 10 years old, is a old man who DIED 10000000000 Years ago.

                To the people saying it is in the past, you are WRONG.
                The revamp is going on now, evan is talking about this current revamp.
                ANd if it was in the past, then why the F would Justice (this is what I call him now, and why I also get flame -,-) would Justice tell Evan that he will appear on December 2011, if it would be thousands of years from that moment.

                It is like someone asking me : hey, when are we meeting up again ?
                And then we make a appointment for June 3856….. yeah .. as if I am alive in that time (I hope so….. alive and well ;))

                /end Fing Rant

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