[MSFB] 700,000 Likes

Here are the number of likes each of Nexon’s Facebook pages have currently. Data was collected from 2:11PM Pacific to 2:18PM Pacific on November 25, 2011.

Nexon America: 31,410 Likes
Karma Koin: 53 Likes
MapleStory: 700,817 Likes
Mabinogi: 83,302 Likes
Combat Arms: 717,614 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 70,612 Likes
Vindictus: 130,362 Likes
Atlantica: 150,094 Likes
Dragon Nest: 190,890 Likes
Sudden Attack: 7,417 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 825,035 Likes + 1,300,000 Monthly Active Users
Zombie Misfits: 22,096 Likes + 150,000 Monthly Active Users
Wonder Cruise: 2,244 Likes + 4,000 Monthly Active Users

Total: 2,931,947 Likes + 1,490,000 Monthly Active Users

Nexon Europe: 9,877 Likes
MapleStory Europe: 26,620 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 119,358 Likes
Mabinogi Europe: 7,682 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 51,025 Likes

Total: 214,562 Likes


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