[NX] Nexon Company And IPO Statistics

I found some pretty interesting factors on Nexon in an exclusive report by VentureBeat on Nexon’s upcoming initial public offering. Check them out!


ROW: Rest Of World

  • Nexon going public on December 6.
  • Expected to raise $1.28 billion (100 billion yen) in their initial public offering.
  • Nexon has 1.2 BILLION (1,200,000,000) registered users worldwide.
  • 77 million (77,000,000) monthly active users as of September 2011.
  • 600 million virtual items sold in 2010.
  • 500 billion minutes played in 2010.
  • Nexon games cards/Karma Koin sold in over 45,000 stores in the United States alone with more on the way.
  • Nexon could have a market value of $7.69 billion to $8.97 billion after its IPO, compared to $6.99 billion for Electronic Arts.
  • Nexon has eight games with over $100 million in lifetime worth.
  • Three had more than $300 million in lifetime worth, with one having more than $400 million.
  • Two games combined have generated lifetime revenues over $1.5 billion.
  • Dungeon Fighter accounted for 30.9% of overall revenues in 2010, with MapleStory a close second at 26.3%.
  • Nexon has been profitable every single year since 1996.
  • Nexon has 3,537 employees, including 1,507 employees in development.
  • Rivals include NCsoft, NHN Games, Hanbit Soft, Neowiz Games, Square Enix, DeNA, Gree, Nintendo, Sony, Tencent, Shanda Games, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, Zynga, Disney and Microsoft.
  • Nexon is planning to issue 70 million shares of common stock on a global basis, including 34.9 million shares to be issued outside of the U.S. and Japan. In Japan, the company will issue 35.05 million shares. After shares are issued, Nexon will have 430.6 million shares of common stock. After the offering, NXC will own 59 percent of Nexon’s shares. NXC is controlled by Nexon founder Jungju Kim.
  • Now it has 57 online games played in 104 countries. Some 32 of the games are role-playing games, six are first-person shooters, and 19 are in other categories such as social games. Nexon’s KartRider game has more than 270 million registered users.

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  1. ” It said that in April 2011, a server in North America was hacked and that may have led to access to encrypted data on 24 million accounts.”


    • Yeah that scared me a little, but I’m assuming that Nexon took action to reinforce their security and stop the advancing of those hackers. What’s even stranger is that it said that a North American server was hacked and put 24 million accounts in jeopardy but Nexon America reported over the Summer that their userbase had just passed 16 million…

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