Nexon America’s Q4 Approval Rating

Approve: 50.92% (-5.00%)
Disapprove: 37.53% (+12.80%)
Undecided: 11.55% (-7.81%)

There was no major change in the approval rating, with it settling out at 50.92%. It had actually been in the 48-52% range for the past week before the survey was closed with it where it is. 5% was lost from approvals, while 7.81% was lost from undecideds, all going into disapprovals.

All percentages below are rounded off.

Over 79% said that they have been playing Nexon America games since 2008 or before, enough time for them to make an opinion of the company. This is up from 76% last time.

60% were from the United States or Canada, down from nearly 75% last time. Big drop! 16% were from Europe, up from 8%. 19% chose ‘Other’, with the most popular ‘Other’ comments being Peru and Brazil, even though Brazil is IP blocked from Global MapleStory.

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51% were aged 13-16, down from 58%. The rest can’t be compared because the age ranges in the options were different in the two surveys. This time around 35% were 17-20.

93% of takers play MapleStory, down slightly from 95%. 38% play Dragon Nest, while 34% play MapleStory Adventures. Other Nexon games range from 7% who play Atlantica to 24% who play Vindictus. These results were quite similar to last time, with last time’s results being:

“Almost 95% of survey takers play MapleStory, 45% play MapleStory Adventures, 42% play Dragon Nest. The other Nexon games ranged from 11% who play Mabinogi to 28% who play Vindictus.”

62% play games from publishers other Nexon America. This is up a bit from 58% last time. This is good.

Approval Rating History

Q4 2011: 50.92%
Q3 2011: 55.92%
Q1 2011: 66.38%
Q4 2010: 70.98%
September 2010: 62.71%
Q3 2010: 45.23%

The next approval rating poll will be from February 6 to February 24, 2012. Be there!

Winners of the shares of 50,000 NX will be contacted by the email provided in the survey by November 25.


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  1. Maple-News got hacked, I’d take steps to secure your wordpress account :/

    • This is the what, millionth time MNN has been hacked in the past year. Nah, blogs can’t get hacked, or at least not as easily as the self-hosted blogs. But thanks for the heads up :).

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