Introducing ‘My Maple Story’

I have come to a point in my maple career where I am losing interesting in playing the game. I actually have been losing interest for a long time but I continue to play and don’t plan to stop playing in the near future. But two to six years ago there was a community aspect of this game that I have yet to experience in any other game. My guildies from AntsInPants, Resolve, Dominance, all my old friends who have now quit and I miss dearly. And for some reason I can’t seem to replace them. Well I mean obviously they can’t be replaced, they’re all so special. But I mean I can’t establish a group of friends as amazing as they were anymore. Some still play, but the majority have faded away and I have lost all communication with them. I used to have fun coming on to MS every day just to talk to friends and socialize but now I only log on to quest and maybe level up a character or two. Sucks…

Super thanks to Danny, Leon, Jen, Suki, Coco, Kyo, Amber, Korey, Ilona, Amy, Jay, Steven, Sharon, Kiki, Ben, Michael, Michelle, Dan, Timothy, Katie, Ester, Sarnia, swtxkyss (forgot name), Lorenzo, Neo and Gary for your friendship. And that’s just the members on the friends list of a single character in Scania server that I don’t play much anymore that I talked to the most. There are many more on that same friends list, the friends list of other characters in Scania and my friends list in Bera. That’s also just counting friends who I met through Maple and don’t know in real life. Bolded names are of people who have quit, or at least I don’t know how to contact them if they do still play.

Anyway, my Maple career did have its highlights. Those good times, those bad. And I want to write about them in short posts, not more than 300 words each. From the humble beginnings in Scania with it taking me two weeks to get to level 8 to my ascension to two level 200 characters in Bera. The days of LPQing and how I ended up in my guilds. My stint in the private server world (I regret every second of my cruel act), participation in events, the founding of my blog and much more.

I started playing this game when I was 18 and played it through college and into the working world to where I am now, at age 24. I take myself as proof that you can have a great social life, maintain good grades and get an adequate amount of sleep while still actively playing MapleStory and many other games. If you met me in real life, spent time with me, you’d never know I play a game like Maple unless I tell you. I don’t act it. But I’ve never denied that I play the game that I love so much.

Anywho! My Maple Story posts are coming soon so keep posted to The Msupdate Blog! And remember to vote in Nexon America’s Q4 2011 Approval Rating Survey before it ends at 5:00PM Pacific on November 19.


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  1. I expect you to talk about me, you #1 blog commenter.
    Just kidding :p

    • Yup yup, you have commented on my blog more than I have even though I try to reply to everyone who comments. Of course you will be mentioned when I start talking my blog. I’ll also talk about my first commenter and most argumentative commentators.

      • haha lol I was only joking xD But now I am looking forward to reading your post on your maple-story..

        Btw… I asked a question on your -about this blog- post, and it hasn’t been answered yet ….I kind of forgot those questions but it would be nice if you could answer them. –This is a automatic reminder made by, Nightcodex


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