[GMS 1.03] Game Update – Minor Patch

MapleStory will be going through a scheduled game update on Wednesday, November 16, 2011.. During this period, all game servers will be unavailable. The game update will last approximately 04 hours.

{ Time }
Pacific: Wednesday, November 16 @ 7:00AM to 11:00AM
Eastern: Wednesday, November 16 @ 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

{ Updates }

  • The game will be updated to v.103.
  • Pets from the currently on sale permanent pet packages will be able to eat the appropriate Cash Shop pet food.
  • Players who bought a permanent pet package from the November 9 maintenance until the November 16 maintenance will receive a complimentary bundle of 11 Cash Shop pet food specific to the purchased pet.
  • Messages in the Echo Messenger board will now fade in and out instead of sliding in.
  • Messages in the Echo Messenger board will now be displayed for ten seconds instead of five.
  • Gachapon update: Lv.140 armor will be available from all Gachapon locations.
  • Cash Shop update: Random Meso Sacks, Android Naming Coupon, Pirate Gear Sale, new permanent decorative equipment



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  1. My favorite patch this year is coming on December 7th! 😀

    • Every time I watch that video I like it a little less for some reason.

      • Screw you Zach 😉
        I think the Trailer is AWSOME. Finaly they created something of their own. FINALY, not some trailer taken from KMS. Or a Mix of the Big Bang trailer like CHAOS was.
        However, the little wink the Cannoneer gave me made me feel kind of awkward… Makes me think that he is doing it wrong.
        I really the music, and how it fits the attacks that Mercedes reforms

        • I do like it. But unlike with other trailer the hype in my head towards it is dying quickly, which is strange. Usually I can’t stop watching trailers between the time they are released until the content is released into the game.

          • I really like it.. why ? Because you see the lineup from ALL other classes in the background, and now it is introducing the new classes and trying to give them a place between the other classes. I like the music alot, and how the beat of the music is in perfect sync with Mercedes’ attacks. I really like it because it’s not the old format again with jsut showing skills. It has much better animations, it makes me feel as if I look into the future, with the nice animation of the characters in the background and then the 3 new jobs in the front..
            But then I see the CHEAP ASS animation of Cannon Shooter, where I think some of my classmates could have done it better, and then I get sad again -,-.

            One thing that strikes me is that Nexon shows Cannon Shooter as a homo sexual. There is nothing wrong with being a homo sexual, but what I mean is :
            All characters released after BB were given personalities..
            BaM = ???
            WH = cheerfull dumb girl
            Mech = Cocky @hole
            Dual Blade (after the super fight trailer) = Cocky badass
            Aran = Honourable fighter
            Evan (mercedes trailer) = little boy that likes to fight on his dragon with no shown personality other than rage towards the black mage
            Cannon Shooter = ….. GAY …. Happy … suckup to the judges at the audition o_0
            Mercedes = ???? ( I think they will make her a hyper active girl, that gets calm while player her harp)
            Demon Slayer = ???? (I think they will make him either a cool layed back lazy guy, or make him a @hole that will threathen the judges of the audition make him a class and if not he will jsut go back to the black wings)

            So .. all jobs were given PERSONALITYS… but they didn’t give one to canno shooter, they only showed his sexual preference. I mean .. that’s fine and all, but why make that choice ? I have NOTHING, absolutly NOTHING against gay people, but it will give me a really weird feeling playing a character that IS gay. I mean, all other jobs are neutral right now, where nexon gives us a choice to imagine if their job is homo- or hetro sexual. This way both hetro and homo sexuals can play the character without feeling that their character really is sometinhg, they have the feeling that they can shape their character. But now with cannon shooter, you can only be gay, if you know what I mean. I can’t feel that my cannon shooter is a hetro sexual, because Nexon already decided that he is a homo sexual… This jsut pisses me off.. because now whenever I play my cannon shooter I will think “ooh my cannon shooter likes boys .. thats right ….”, while wiht for example a mech, I would feel like “hahaha I’m a cocky @hole”, or with Wild Hunter “YEAAAAH even a monkey is smarter than me !!”

            Oooh well, that was jsut me ranting, because I don’t see Nexon showing that all other jobs are Hetro Sexual, so what is so special about being a homo sexual to show it as a character characteristic ?

            • Umm, before I go on, how do you know that Cannoneers are homos now?

              • 1. he winked twice at … the player. And uhm .. well… I woudln’t really see someone straight do that, if you know what I mean.
                2. If you looked at the audition, he was acting a lil bit … like a homo (no offence to anyone !).. But you know, and maybe the fact that he had a British accent (no offence ..) made him a lil bit more ….
                If you look at the way how he gives compliments .. well either he is gay, or the way he talks is just 1800’s British

                • Nah, I wouldn’t say he’s gay, just kind of a… what’s the word I’m looking for? He’s the type of guy who doesn’t act masculine and some people suspect as being gay. But due to public relations, I doubt Nexon would openly declare a character in the game as being gay.

  2. hmm, maybe you are right .. He’s a little bit Metro 😉

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