Song Addiction Of Nov. 13

How did everyone enjoy their 11.11.11?  Were you like me and made a wish at 11:11 on that date? Anyway, my song addiction of the day.


G     L     E     E


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  1. BTw Zach I have a question.. this has been in my head for some time. WHen we got a certain update that I forgot the name of (wich is the answer to my question) GMS stated that we don’t have to worry and that the update will be just like it was in KMS after a patch, so we would get it as how it was in KMS at that point… What was it that they were talking about ? PvP ??

    • No I’m not trolling anyone. I like glee. I’m not sure what you’re talking about here though. Are you sure it wasn’t Lion King’s Castle which has been made a regular zone in KMS in their Chaos update but Nexon America opted to keep ours as a party-play zone?

      • well I remember GMS saying something allong the lines of : Don’t worry, we will have [thing] the way it was in KMS after the patch…

        So like .. something got released in KMS, and then a couple weeks later it got patched/changed in KMS, and we got the changed version in GMS, so we didn’t have to wait for 2 weeks to get a patch that would change it ….

  2. Oooh my god, I just read Spadow’s Twitter and realised he is Dutch.. I never knew he lived in the Netherlands like me !! Oooh boy, I feel special now for no real reason…Holy Crap ….

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