[PW] [NX] Nexon and Perfect World Make Major Partnership

Nexon and Perfect World Entertainment are two massive names in free-to-play gaming here in North America. It’s also no secret that Perfect World has enjoyed massive success in China and Nexon has enjoyed an even bigger success right across Asia. Well, the company that brought you MapleStory and Vindictus, and the company which brought you Perfect World International and Battle of the Immortals have formed a major partnership to found a new company in Korea aimed towards the localization and servicing of Perfect World’s games in the Korean market.

No major details are yet available and the company is currently being publicly referred to only as ‘New Company’.

Michael Chi, CEO at Perfect World, explained, “We are very pleased to build a strategic partnership with Nexon.”

“This strategic alliance will help us further expand our user base and provide the highest quality services to local players in the Korean market. The introduction of more of Perfect World’s online games into the Korean market will help further strengthen our international reputation as a comprehensive online game developer and operator.”

Nexon Korea CEO Min Seo added, “We are very excited about establishing this New Company with Perfect World to bring more of their titles into the Korean market.” Nexon was originally founded in Seoul, and moved its headquarters to Tokyo earlier this year.

This announcement comes as Nexon prepares to go public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


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  1. New Company would sound like a epic name IMO for a company, but for some reason it reminds me of Battlefield Bad Company …

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