[NX] Nexon System Maintenance – DST Transition

Please be aware that Nexon will be performing a maintenance across all game, billing, and account systems on Sunday, November 6, 2011. The entire process is expected to take three hours.

Please note that 2:00 AM (local time) on November 6 marks the end of Daylight Saving Time in the United States. The times given below mark that changeover.

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Pacific: 1:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time – 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (3 hours)
Eastern: 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time – 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (3 hours)

During this maintenance, the following services will be unavailable:
All Nexon games


And remember, if your region observes Daylight Saving Times, you fall back an hour at 2:00AM local time on Sunday, November 6.


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  1. You know what really grinds my gears? Nexon. I mean, they haven’t release a full blabber box episode in like 4 months ! I mean, what do you want from me Nexon? Nothing, that’s right, because we all know that big company’s don’t care about their consumers……

    **Family Guy

    • They release a mini at the end of September so a full episode is just due around now. Maybe we’ll see one next week or so.

      • So wiat, they areo only uploading a full episode every 4 months, with a mini 2 months after a full one ?! This is outrageous ! They said they would do it every month, then 2 months an d now 4 ?!?!?!?!? Oooh man, come on nexon, I don’t want to wait 4 months for 30 minuts of PURE ENTERTAINMENT, that is just TO HARD for me

        • Maybe they ran into problems between Episode 3 and Mini 4. I’m just saying that since Mini 4 was just around a month ago, the next full episode is due somewhere between October 30 and November 11.

          • I just hope they make it epic again, I REALLY like those things, when dev’s aren’t being all to serious.. I mean, when they show a little bit of humanity and not acting like robots and everything going by the rules. I mean, IW has always been super serious, Treyarch not, they implent a community easter egg in their game, and with all the quotes from the zombie characters, it makes for a much more human feeling. I would never see IW put some humerous stuff in their game. The biggest dev group (on my fun meter) has to be Valve with TF2, those lines, and even the descriptions and writings of items and posts are funny as fuck, just today I laughed my ass of when I read a post of some dev that said that in his break he was feeding pigeons and devided them in 2 seperate war factions, and was wondering how things would go with the pigeon leaders when he would stop feeing them bread. xD

            Nexon is trying to throw in some fun as well with blabber box, I can’t wait to find out what happens next in TESTERS, or what will happen with Luis this time. I still remember my FAVORITE RANts & Rave quote : “Nexon sucks ! Except for Luis, Luis is awsome !” *Camera zooms out of Luis smiling :D* I thought it was cool of them to let someone say that they suck and still cover it in the episode 😉
            Other company’s wouldn’t do that. I can already IMAGINE how Treyarch (wich I love btw) will say in their CoD release next year “We have had some amazing feedback from you guys and we know you all love us”, while the reality is that 80% of the CoD community thinks Treyarch is shit. Just like what IW did, they could have patched the game, but noooooooooooooooooooooo… then they say that there is no final stand and BOOM, deathstreak : Final stand -,-
            Oooh well, it’s only a deathstreak. Oooh look at me digressing … hmm .. yeah, all I wanted to say is that I ❤ Nexon, Treyarch & Valve 😉

            • You disapproved in the survey? F3. Well, actually, for the first time I didn’t approve. I voted undecided due to server instability and other recent issues.

              • Disaprove because : stupid ass events .. bad connection during 2x event. Some random stuff that I will put tomorrow, going to sleep now

                • The events aren’t stupid. You can’t expect every single patch to be full of great new content, some have to be event patches, especially when we got Ascension less than a month before.

  2. msupdate :
    The events aren’t stupid. You can’t expect every single patch to be full of great new content, some have to be event patches, especially when we got Ascension less than a month before.

  3. stupid youtube vid won’t show up … and I mixed up the text -,- what I wanted to say was, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ZACH
    The event are stupid, we don’t want these attendance event patches. I mean …
    Golden Temple is a event, and when it was introduced for the first time it was awsome. ALien PQ is a event, and when it was introduced it was awsome. All we seem to get now event wise is attendane, and no SPECIAL CONTENT event. No new maps, no new NPC, nothing … I am however, Happy to announce :
    THERE WILL BE A NEW THIEF LEGEND !!! My predictions are that the job will either come with the pirate/thief revamp in december, or in january as the patch after the revamp.
    My dream is that we will get a new thief AND Pirate job with the release of the thief/pirate revamp, as a SORRY from Nexon to me 😉
    I think there are 2 reasons why they are going to release a new job now..
    1. They know they have screwed over thieves AND pirates BIG TIME and want to make it up for them by giving htem a new job (wich is actualy a useless compensation, because they screwed over the original thief and pirate jobs with NO revamp, so adding a new job for that class has no value for the people that own a original thief and pirate… so .. yeah ….
    2. It is winter, wich means, cold, wich means, GAME TIME !!!

    • Robbin… this is only the second update that we are having events consisting mostly of attendance events. It’s not like we’ve been getting these attendance events for the past year. And we just got Ascension and all of its content a month and a half ago and Legend is coming in less than a month. There’s nothing wrong with having an event patch every now and then especially with how quickly GMS gets content these days.

      • okay .. but I disliked it because of multiple things, F’ed up 2x event, 1 day+ downtime, and uninspired events… I mean, the events wouldn’t be half as bad if it was something that kept you busy for the entire day, or atleast gave you the option. Now, all you can do is just do something for 30 minuts, you can even be afk, collect a stamp and that’s it…

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