‘Console Gaming Regions’ vs. ‘Online Gaming Regions’; ‘F2P Gaming Regions’ vs. ‘P2P Gaming Regions’

Random, but relevant post of November 3, 2011.

Different countries/regions around the world can be put into categories of ‘Console Gaming Regions’ or ‘Online Gaming Regions’. They can also be categorized as ‘F2P Gaming Regions’ or ‘P2P Gaming Regions’.

As the names imply, ‘Console Gaming Regions’ are regions which seem to lean towards the console gaming scene while ‘Online Gaming Regions’ are regions which seem to favor online or even general PC gaming over gaming consoles. ‘F2P Gaming Regions’ are regions where free-to-play is highlighted over pay-to-play, the opposite in ‘P2P Gaming Regions’ when we look solely on online games.

I will list the category that the biggest gaming markets fall in.

Console Gaming Regions

  • Japan (F2P)
  • North America (P2P)
  • Europe (P2P)
  • Australia (P2P)
  • Russia (F2P)

Online Gaming Regions

  • Korea (F2P)
  • China (F2P)
  • Taiwan (F2P)
  • Thailand (F2P)
  • Singapore (F2P)
  • Malaysia (F2P)
  • Brazil (F2P)
  • Vietnam (F2P)
  • Indonesia (F2P)

There also seems to be a major shift of P2P regions towards F2P recently with games such as LOTRO, Champions Online and even the upcoming free-to-play transition of NCSoft’s extremely successful Lineage II.

F  R  E  E          T  O          P  L  A  Y

This Month In Our Past: November coming soon.


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  1. Allods online kind of failed xD First they were F2P. Then they wen;t to P2P, and after 1 month of people not paying for a stupid WoW copy, they went back to F2P to gain back some of their audience. They THEN did introduce the micro transaction in a stupid way. If you die, you are send to prison or something, now the higher your level the longer you have to wait.. WHen you were a high lvl you had to wait for over an hour to get released. And play again. You had 2 other options besides waiting ,
    1. Pay a SHIT LOAD of money, wich would almost make your broke
    2. Buy a stupid cash item for like 7 bucks (!!!!) that would get you out of the jail for 1 time, and it would expire in 1 day or something.


  2. msupdate :
    Fewer players were playing during that time because of the server issues that were going on.

    oooh .. okay 😉

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