Nexon America’s Q4 2011 Approval Rating Survey

**The survey has been extended to November 20 at 5:00PM Pacific/5:00PM Eastern due to the number of last minute takers!**

Latest Update (Nov. 19, 7:55AM PT): 50%


It’s November 1 and that means that it’s time for Nexon America’s Q4 2011 Approval Rating Survey. This survey will give us a quick idea of how the community feels about how Nexon America is currently running its games. I request that survey takers focus mostly on the running of the game over the past three months.

No specific personal information is required to be given. Some personal information, such as age, is requested so I can know who is taking the survey. Your IP will be recorded once you have completed the survey.

All surveys takers have the chance to win one a share of 50,000 NX as long as you play one of Nexon America’s desktop MMOs. Information on this is available on the final page of the survey.

As for the actual approval rating part, there are three options. If you approve of the job Nexon America is currently doing, pick ‘Approve’. If you disapprove pick ‘Disapprove’ and if you do not have an opinion pick ‘Undecided’.

The survey is fifteen questions long, with all but the nine questions for the giveaway requiring answers. It should take no more than five minutes to complete. An update on the current approval rating will be posted and updated on this post regularly. The final approval rating will be posted on November 19 after the survey has been closed.

Take the survey by clicking the link below:

Nexon America’s Q4 Approval Rating Survey

Here is a reminder of approval ratings from past polls:


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