[GMS] Legend and ‘Jump Season 2’ Predictions

Legend is coming and it’s coming fast. But as we issue in Legend, we now have what is being called ‘Jump Season 2’, a series of three updates in KMS which revamps all classes, to look forward to.


Assuming that we follow the same three update schedule that KoreaMS went through, I can predict the following:

1st Legend update: Cannon Shooter class, New World: ‘Legend’: December 7, 2011

2nd Legend update: Mercedes class, New World: ‘Cosmo’: December 21, 2011

3rd Legend update: Demon Slayer class: January 11, 2012

I’m 80% sure about the date of the first update, 60% sure about the date of the 2nd and 30% sure about the date of the 3rd. I’ll get more certain towards certain dates as we get closer to the updates.

Jump Season 2

I’ll explain my reasoning behind these predicts soon. But here are my predictions for the FIRST update (if we get it in more than one update). The months that we will have the update by:

March: 25%
April: 30%
May: 30%
June: 40%
July: 70%
August: 100%

So as you can see, I’m really leaning towards a Summer 2012 release date, but I don’t rule out Spring 2012.

Keep posted for more details!

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  1. btw, its not “Jump Season 2”, its called “Advance of the Union!”
    And about Cannon Shooter, i hope its released after the treasure map event ends, just like in KMS according to Spadow ( that would be on november 29th), not 100% sure though. Its nexon, so…

    • NO it’s not, only the first part is called AU, the other parts are un nammed yet, but I;m sure it wil contain “Union”

    • I knew about the date issue, but when I opened up my calendar it didn’t make sense to me for us to have the first update on November 30. I honestly don’t know why I thought this because it would make a lot of sense for the first update to be November 29 and the second to be December 14/21. I’ll probably change my predictions soon.

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