[NX] [JCE] Nexon Looking To Acquire JCE, The Developer Of Freestyle

Tokyo-based Nexon is currently in negotiations to acquire JCE, best known for their production of the Freestyle series of sporting MMOs. Through its Korean branch, Nexon Korea Corp., Nexon is in talks with current shareholders of JCE to purchase 35% of the company’s shares, thereby becoming the largest shareholder. Nexon will need to come to an agreement with other major shareholders in order to make JCE a full subsidiary company of the Nexon Co. Ltd.

Nexon has a track record of making profitable acquisitions. In 2005 they acquired MapleStory developer Wizet after they had been publishing MapleStory since 2003.

In 2008 they acquired Neople, the developer of Dungeon Fighter Online and took over DFO publishing from NHN that same year.

Atlantica developer Ndoors and Sudden Attack developer Gamehi were taken over in 2010 and Nexon took over the service of Atlantica in North America and Europe. They also took over the publishing of Sudden Attack in Korea and are currently preparing to take over the North American service of Sudden Attack, though no major notices on this transition have yet been made. Also in 2010, Nexon acquired Nclipse, the developer of Everplanet, which Nexon currently publishes in Korea and Japan.

Nexon has also made investments into Boombang Games, 6Waves Lolapps, Antic Entertainment and One2Tribe, the last two as a direct result of the Nexon iNitiative.



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  1. My analyses on Nexon :

    Nexon is a young kid in his mid 20’s, being a really proffesional business man.
    When he was in highschool he always did his assignments on his own way. When he had to hand in a written report, he made it into a big poster and presented it to the teacher. People in his class always bullied him for being different, but the teachers loved him, for taking risks and giving them something else to look at other than a boring written report. After years and years of studying he finaly became what he wanted : a succesfull business man. He is only in his mid-20’s and he is cose to becoming number one. His big competitor, one of the bullies in highschool called “blizzard”, recently partnered with someoen who is a great businessman, but on a different platform as blizzard and Nexon : Activision. Activision did this for numerous reasons, but one of the main reasons is to scare their big competitors, Valve, the cool guy that has a big audience and that no one could ever possible have a grudge against, and Dice, the upcoming bigshot, being praised for his great working campaignplans and his awsome end products.

    Nexon was always different, since the moment he was born. Right now he is fighting his way to the top, recruting a army of other business companies and forming one big network. Eventualy Nexon takes over the big comapanies, trying to become bigger than Activision/Blizzard. However, Blizzard, the rich bully kid, has always been receiving money from his parents. Everyone likes Blizzard but only for his money. However, some people are different, they don’t like all the money he get’s and lose faith in him, however, they still work for him, but under a different sub-company.

    Nexon will eventualy succeed and become the big leaderon the market, but it will take time for people to get over the money that Blizzard has.

    Everyone should know what I mean with money

    • Well until Nexon sorts out some of its issues it won’t get as big as Blizzard (talking about Nexon America here). Globally Nexon is just as big, if not bigger than Blizzard due to Nexon’s dominance in Korea, Japan and China.

      • worst news ever : Korea had a poll and adventurers revamp had like 48% of the votes. What do they do ? Keep the pirate and thieves at the end of the revamp !!
        Hero & resistance in ocotober, cygnus, UA + the 3 @hole jobs that just got a revamp, get a REVAMP AGAIN !!! + thieves and pirates .. &^*^^& U Nexon, and that is from someone who actualy is a fan and hopes to work for you some day, *&^&*( you !

        • Come on Robbin. There must be some reason they delay it so long. They hear how much the community wants it, I’m sure they have their reasons. Likely because this will be the biggest revamp since this is pirate’s and thief’s first individual revamp and they want to also pack in some other awesome content with it. That’s why they keep it for last: to keep the best for class, to give them enough time to make sure the update is perfect and to keep the biggest update to December, when player activity is high.

          • Can you do me one favor.. ask your Nexon friends if they have had any involvement with this revamp. I know for a fact that all the GMS versions join together every 6 months to dicuss what they want to release in 6 months from then, but I want to know if they had any involvment with the pirate / thief rebalancing. I would like to know if they can give you any hints, but you don’t have to ask. I say this because you seriously don’t have to ask for any hints, but if I would say that I don’t want to know any hints (what I was about to type, but hten I changed my mind) I would be lying.

            Oooh, totaly not maple related. You remember when you send me the campaignplan thingy that companys like Nexon use to identify their target audience ? Well, I didn’t really used it, but read trough it and use dit as a general impression of what my campaignplan should look like… SO I had my presentation last week, now waiting for the result…. ALl I have to do now is write a stupid report with indivudal work thingy,, saying what I did and some more confusing stuf -_- before monday, and then I can enjoy my 1 week autumn break

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