[JMS] Legend

No, not a typo. Not a joke. Japan MapleStory will be the first service of MapleStory outside of Korea to receive the Legend update.

Cannon Shooters and Mercedes arrive on October 19, Demon Slayers on November 16.

Check out the teaser page at http://maplestory.nexon.co.jp/campaign/legend.asp.

The next “Fastest Updating” and “Most Updated” rankings aren’t due out until the end of the year but I have a feeling we’ll see JapanMS rise on both lists unless the other services of the game make some surprising announcements soon.


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  1. Wasn’t JMS the one that didn’t had an update for a couple months (like 8 months, since cygnus or something) ? Or MSEA ?
    I’m sure … 99.999999999355433559999999995396739359699891 % sure that in GMS’ Legend, or w/e it will be called, we will get the King Of The Hill PvP update, or the CtF changes, if I could get my lazy but to write down what I have in my head… Have you checked your email lately Zach ? What did you think of my explantion of my idea ?

    • Umm well ThaiMS had very long delays between their new world of Xyria, Pink Bean and Monster Survival, then they started getting faster updates up to recently when they’ve slowed down again. I don’t remember a time when either JapanMS or MapleSEA has been that slow with updates.

      • ooh .. wel it was atleast a certain Server.. you said something like “this was needed, since the devs haven’t launched anything since 4th job advancement” .. or was that BMS R.I.P.

        • Oh! Of course that wasn’t JapanMS or MapleSEA. You’re right, it was BrazilMS. Yup, only 24 days until BrazilMS closes.

          • oooh tought it was dead already for like 4 months …. what other server shutdown >>????
            Downloading Left4Dead2 now trough Steam .. I’m thinking I’m turning into a PC gamer πŸ˜‰
            Still love my PS3 but the harddrive is F***ed up, it randomly freezes … Just around the time when MW3 and BF3 are getting released…
            I rarely spend money, I’m like Gold Richie in Maplestory, except I’m not rich …
            So anyone up for a game of L4D2 when I’m done downloading ?
            Add me .. or something, I have no idea how steam works… either on NightCodex (my lil bro acc) or Snoefskeet (my acc .. I gues, first tie using steam)

              • oooh that was vietnam… sucks for those people that play either server, hope they get to join GMS, then they will have so much content that they wouldn’t have if they played on their previous server πŸ™‚
                But I think they should give those people a way to transfer their character, and give them an X amount of maple points for every item they have that isn’t in the GMS database, since it won’t be transfered. That’s seriously what I would do If I was running Nexon America. That is a way to encourage them to play maplestory, since they have their characters, instead of just give up since they have to start over again …

                • As two separate services of a large MMO like MapleStory, it would be extremely difficult to transfer any items or mesos from one service to the other without damaging the game’s economy and balance.

  2. msupdate :
    BrazilMS closes on October 31. VietnamMS closed on September 14, 2010.

    Forgot to add, don’t you know shame ?
    Pffff, advertising YOURSELF !!! You just don’t know when to stop do you ? πŸ˜‰

  3. msupdate :
    As two separate services of a large MMO like MapleStory, it would be extremely difficult to transfer any items or mesos from one service to the other without damaging the game’s economy and balance.

    Or atleast give them their char, stripped, but with some messo … urgh I don’t know ..

    • Honestly Robbin. I understand where you’re coming from. When their service closes they should be able to transfer their hard earned progress to another service. But think about it. These are two services of a massive multiplayer online game world. It would be very hard to transfer a character from one service to another without negatively affecting it. Sure, if it was a small… golf game, or maybe a small tower defense game… or maybe RuneScape since that needs to die, but not a massive MMORPG like MapleStory.

      • lol.. Death to runescape .. I tought you were a game-friend … that you never hate games … lol πŸ˜‰
        Runescape is like the Wii of the MMORPG’s, it doesn’t get taken seriously, and whenever you say : “I play runescape” all other gamers will laugh at you….
        But what if GMS makes a seperate server in GMS, where all of the players will go to. Charcter transferability is allowed but only after 3 months so they can settle with the GMS exclusives liek MP3 and stuff, and get Deputy star and wht not, so those people can get those items before going in the real GMS server.. wich prevents infaltion of GMS exclusive items, since they had like 3 months to get those items (most of them will have gotten them by then) so no need for those items. Won’t hurt the economy much. Only bad thing is when they sell it, but that is just something that we have to deal with…

        Nice spiegelman background. Already noticed it but didn’t say anything about it until naaaaaaooooowwwww -_-

        • Nope, I don’t like ALL games. Honestly, although I used to be subscribed and work at you know where, WoW isn’t exactly one of my favorite games >.<.

          Well, I'm sure that LU! (the publisher of MS in Brazil) would be in dialogue with Nexon about character transfers. I'm sure if there is a solution that is economical for everyone involved it will be implemented. I sure wouldn't bank on it though.

      • what r u talkin about? Runescape is such an amazing game

        • -Explodes- I would give you a 5000 world lecture about why Runescape sucks, but I just exploded.

          No but really, Runescape is one of the most overrated games out there. The thing about it is that it offers nothing that other MMOs don’t offer and less than acceptable graphics and combat to stay alive in 2011+. 2007+/2008+, for that matter. If Runescape players opened their options and started playing other games they’d realize quickly how much Runescape isn’t a good game.

          • I rembmer playing it like 5 – 6 years ago .. and I’m not lieing, I literly stopped playing after 1 minut !
            I walked to some monster, attacked .. saw that my attack animation was just the character waving his hand with no other animations, quit. One of my worst experiences with games, EVER !
            Zach, you said “I used to be subscribed and work at you know where”.. does that mean you aren’t working @blizzard Activision anymore, or just stopped subscribing to the game.. IMO WoW is a nice game with some cool graphics. The only reason why I’m not playing it is because the subscirption. I remember buying LOTRO a couple years ago (actualy my dad bought it for my B-DAy, he HATES GAMES but he bought it for me even though I never asked for it ) I was so happy.. I installed it an everything, only to realise it was subscription based. I was sad and deleted it .. I still have the game. I recently got news that it is now F2P, so I try it again. The graphics SUCK !! It’s like runscape, but 3D. The attack animations are .. BLEH… but the worst part is running. It’s like they have 2 seperate photo’s. One with the character on it’s left leg, and the other is the character on it’s right leg. And every 0.5 seconds the pictures appear .. It’s like Runescape all over again !!!

            • I just aren’t subscribed to WoW anymore due to me working at you know where. LOTRO’s graphics aren’t that bad. Not super great either, but yeah.

              • why aren’t you subbed to them anymore ? Or do you get to play it for free because you work there .. I mean … you-know-where

          • If there were only a game that lets u do a variety of thing like Runescape does, then it would cease to exist, but there isnt. You cant judge a game cuz of its graphics. The only reason i dont play it instead of maplestory is because to really enjoy it i need a membership, which costs real money, which im not willing to spend in any single game, but dota2 or ps3 games πŸ˜‰

            • Of course I can judge a game on its graphics, but not solely on its graphics. I also judge RS on its combat. Yes, Runescape has a variety of gameplay options, but so does Mabinogi and some other games. You’d play Runescape w/ membership over MapleStory? -Facedesk-

  4. Btw, wasnt the last update JMS got, Chaos (or w/e name they called it)?

    • Yes, that was the last major update that added any main storyline content they got, in July. They got an unimpressive update in late September and their 8th anniversary update which was also just events at the end of August.

  5. Maple Road #100 just revealed we’re not getting MapleStory : Legend alone. We’re also getting MapleStory : Jump simultaneously. Nexon Japan certainly knows how to surprise.

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