[EMS 0.76] Lion King’s Castle, Ultimate Explorer, Explorer and CK Updates, Guild Revamp, Master Monsters

Europe MapleStory’s October 2011 v76 update has gone live on October 5, 2011. It is quite the equivalent of GlobalMS’s AfterShock update. This puts EuropeMS safely ahead of ThailandMS in amount of content and further concertizes EuropeMS’s place as the fastest updating service of the game.



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  1. Freakin’ Nexon EU is doing a SUPER GOOD JOB !! this and after 1 week of Vindictus launchm, they released EVIE !!
    Wich one is best, EVIE, mask dude or shield sword female thingy … I making a EVIE, cause Luis said she had good boobies xDDDD

    • Evie is by far the most fun of the three in my opinion. Especially when you use scythes. Well Vindictus Japan is launching closed beta next week and will launch of all three, Lann, Fiona and Evie.

      • cool šŸ˜‰
        Check your mail again please xDDD
        played vindictus today for the first time .. stupid xD
        WHo said it has the best animations ?!
        The intro was horrible. Example :
        You see the white girl’s head, and he hair goes straight trough her neck, showing a line in her neck that then shows that her head is just “pasted” on her neck….
        The voice acting isn’t good, and the lipsincing is … awfull… I don’t really like the gameplay, kind of boring using the same move over and over again. My lil bro has the dual wielder, he can do awsome combo’s by clicking his mouse, just like some other RPG he (and I for a lil bit) played, tought it was something with “a thousand suns” or “nie dragons” or something with “forgotten”… you had this dude that had a scythe, and some other random jobs, but you did combo’s with your left mousekey, right mousekey, “F”, “G”, “SPACE”, WASD… and alot more .. it was awsome ! Tought either dragon nest or Vindictus would be like this… but no … all EVIE does is keep the left mousekey pressed… and the keep the rightmousekey pressed to unleash some fire …. and I haven’t even seen her so-awsome boobs that Luis promised, that is the worst part !

        • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Have you gone mad boy? The gameplay isn’t boring! The combat is spectacular. Fast paced and brutal. The graphics are amazing. It’s only the same move over and over at low levels. When you level up and unlock new and more diverse skills it gets a lot more fun. The only problem with Vindictus is that it is so repetitive. Nexon held a poll when Vindictus was just launched in America and the community’s opinion was that Vindictus should have an open world, rather than just the dungeon-roaming style. I think there was a similar poll with the same result in Korea too. So I’m hoping that an open world is in development for Vindictus and that’ll likely make the game far less repetitive. But it’ll take a while to launch though.

          • I still prefer Dragon Nest (wich I don’t play anymore lol) because :
            -I like the grahpic style … anime-ish with that dust whenever you attack moving around you feet.
            -Cooler skills
            -Cooler jobs

            I see it like this. Nexon got a idea for a game, dungeon running..
            Then they decided to take that idea and make 2 seperate games out of it, both with the same concept, the only difference being the art style. Vindictus would become the realistic game, while Dragon Nest would become the cartoony game. Just to see what is more popular for future Nexon games

            • -Stabs robbin 500 times- PLAY DRAGON NEST! Well Dragon Nest wasn’t developed by Nexon, it was developed by Eyedentity Games and Nexon contracted with them to publish the game in Korea and America. So I’m not quite sure your plan works.

              • You know, I could send you to prison for threatening me… :p
                Stabbing someone 500 times over the internet should be taken seriously …
                How would you feel if someone did that to you ?
                You have hurt my feelings …

                Just kdding šŸ˜‰
                NIce joke, I laughed šŸ˜€
                I’m going to hunt ergoth now in maple… they say he spawns between 10 am – 12 pm …. am … w/e .. LUNCH TIME.
                That is 7 pm – 9 pm for me.. But I have found him at like 10 PM my time (1pm LA time) … so did Nexon mess up ???
                I love those boxes, always a gues on what you wil lget. I never hunted boss mosnters before (only stumpy and stuff… and crusader), mainly because I never got a char above lv 100.. So this is AWSOME for me. Getting good stuff, like a Special Potential scroll yesterday. However, I have no good equips on my UA marauder (lv 96 :p) that I can use for my future DeS (Demon Slayer), so I transfered a useless lv 75 Black Serpaph Cape, used it and got 3% dex, and 2o ther lines .. useless for a warrior.. So I cubed it 5 times on my CB (wearing the Ravana helm in my picture) and the 5th time I got +3% str, +4 Str, and +40 max hp :p. Good enough for me… Then my CB got 11 Cube shards, traded 10 in for a 90% pot scroll … I’m happpy šŸ˜‰

  2. I like what they are doing with master monsters, there are quests for the MAster MOnsters.
    It’s like Silent Crusdae got a child and named it “Master Monster ….. Questline”
    IS that a EMS original or did I just missed this going live in other versions .. o_0
    lol only 30% gain… oooh well … still prefer the 50% gain.

    I always wondered, why did GMS increase the level of Elin Forest mobs, but didn’t create a party play zone in there… KMS Increased the levels and made it a party zone, then decreased it when they took out the party play zone .. right ?

    • I think it is EuropeMS original. Yup that’s what KMS did.

      • So we have higher monster levels than KMS has, AND NO PARTY PLAY ? useless IMO … Not like people went to ellin forest anyways, other than ARAN’s for their job quests, wich aren’t even mandetory now after Chaos I gues. WIth all those stupid (but funny to see) non-talking-NPC’s .. Like CrawlsWithBalrog xDDDD šŸ™‚
        And I also like how EMS gets a (funny) Ani Pendant, that is like a deputy star, only 70 lvls higher and +10 wep att šŸ˜‰
        BEAST !

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