[MSFB] 650,000 Likes

The number of links on the official MapleStory Facebook page has been slowing down recently, but continues to rise at a pretty good rate.

Nexon America: 27,776 Likes
MapleStory: 650,045 Likes
Mabinogi: 79,510 Likes
Combat Arms: 667,437 Likes
Dungeon Fighter Online: 68,862 Likes
Vindictus: 124,520 Likes
Atlantica: 140,828 Likes
Dragon Nest: 141,846 Likes
MapleStory Adventures: 658,133 Likes + 2,988,918 Monthly Active Users

Total: 2,432,957 Likes + 2,988,918 Monthly Active Users

Nexon Europe: 9,086 Likes
Europe MapleStory: 24,233 Likes
Combat Arms Europe: 113,638 Likes
Mabinogi Europe: 7,528 Likes
Vindictus Europe: 44,816 Likes

Total: 199,301 Likes


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  1. The way I see the Nexon seperaty company characterisitcs :

    KMS – The badass Korean pop boy. He has epic hair that you only see in anime… or Asian countries. He is cool and has no feeling for competition since he is already at the top.

    GMS – The American street fighter. Always trying hard to keep up with the big guy, KMS. Makes some stupid mistakes allong the way wich gives him a bad image. Tries to make up for it aren’t effective since people already think a certain way about him. Likes guns, zombies, weird creatures, and likes to fight, but can’t implent it in the game because it just won’t fit.

    EMS – The little 7 year old girl. Likes to play and in the mean time tries to keep up with the big boy KMS. Suprisingly she can keep up really well, maybe even better than the other servers by using her own childish moves. People really like her, since she does alot of nice stuff for the people and in the mean time has the gift to catch up with the big boy. Since the moment she was born she tried hard to keep up. She is really competitive, in her own way. She still prefers to play around and do things her own way, and while she does that she suddenly gets one step further in catching up with KMS.

    MSEA – The underdog. Lives in a alley in a box. This has not always been the case. Before, MSEA was a huge street fighter, a competitor of GMS. He always was one step ahead of GMS. However, since his gambling problems and not paying his bills, he got kicked out of his million dollar house and lost his job. Now he tries to make it back to the top from the underdog position. People have lost fate in MSEA. This wasn’t the first time people lost fate in him. There were times that he had close to no people liking him. Then he tried a mayor PR stunt, challenging GMS to a fight. MSEA shined in that fight, being better than GMS. However, those times are gone now. He lost his job, his pride, and with that, alot of followers that thrusted him. He recently did another big PR stunt, showing people all the good things he did in the past and how is changed that, even adding some new fighting tactics. This made alot of people come back and follow him again. MSEA now is better than the 7 year old girl, but it seems that the little girl is catching up faster than he could ever do, leading to MSEA being one of the slowest, and most hated people. He ruined his life.

    • Have you ever considered being an author?
      But really, these are actually really accurate for the most part. Good job lol.

      • Lol thanks, but why an author .. If there is a possibility to combine that with gaming them I’m in xD
        But I have to admit, it was really fun writing that .. mainly because I could combine my study (learned some stuff about differnet personality’s .. little bit psychological) and games 😉

  2. I think the Facebook likes are an indication of how popular one game is.

    I believe that DFO is the next game to be shut down then Mabinogi, then its a mix between Atlantica and Vindictus (although this is a very good game, not many people seem to be interested in it).

    • wrong, facebook has nothing to do with the player base. If the want to take a look at the popularity they will look at the consecutive or whatever, user count .. howmany people are online at a certain moment .. or just over a certain period of time. Facebook likes just shows howmany people playing a game bother to like on Facebook.
      A fictional example :
      Maplestory only has people below the age of 12 playing the game. Those people aren’t interested in Facebook (liking maplestory) and so they won’t like maplestory. That doesn’t mean Maplestory has only 10 people playing the game just because it only has 10 likes, that just means that the playerbase isn’t interested in social media.

      • @nightcodex

        Read what I replied to maplefreak. I think you mean concurrent users. Yes, peak concurrent users is, in my opinion, the best way to judge the popularity of a game right now. The maximum number of players online at one time. That’s where MapleStory has every other Nexon America game beat, with 136,000 concurrent users after Big Bang, showing that Nexon’s game servers are much better than everyone thinks. 136,000 players online at the same time was nearly double anything GlobalMS had experienced before and the servers still held up quite nicely (our previous record was 70,000 after the release of the Cygnus Knights).

        I do agree with maplefreak that although it’s not 100% accurate, the number of Facebook likes is a rough indication of the popularity of the game, but peak concurrent users and number of active users is far more accurate.

    • @maplefreak26

      I disagree though. Not with the number of Facebook likes part being a rough indication of the popularity of a game, that’s more or less the case. But about the part about DFO being the next game to shut down.

      I guess if Nexon had to shut down a game for some reason, then yes, DFO and Mabinogi would be the first two to be shut down. But trust me, although these two games lag behind the rest in terms of Facebook likes, they are both great and popular games and generate more than enough revenue from what I see. You see, Nexon games in general are jaw-droppingly popular, if you know what I mean. So comparing one Nexon game to another Nexon game may not be an indication of whether the game has a low playerbase or is anywhere near to being shut down. If you compare DFO and Mabinogi to other games out there, they have a masssssssive number of Facebook likes, and those games that have less than them seem to be doing pretty fine.

      But I do agree that if Nexon had to shut down two games, they would obviously choose DFO and Mabinogi.

      Vindictus is amazing, there’s not question about that. But it’s wayyyyy to repetitive and Nexon has made a huge mistake with that. Vindictus and Combat Arms are Nexon’s two gold mines that they have failed to properly mine. They failed with Combat Arms since it was launched with their mismanagement with hackers running free and the game being riddled with bugs and glitches. Vindictus isn’t quite the same. It’s the dungeon system that sucks there. Vindictus’ graphics, combat, physics, gameplay. Everything like that is perfect. Trust me, if Vindictus was open world instead of dungeon roaming, it’d be so massive right now.

  3. btw could you check your email (hotmail) please 🙂

  4. msupdate :
    Just general storylines and plots throughout games.

    So all I can do is like, create seprate quest chains (the story of it) and create the end of maplestory, if that isn’t already created ?

    • Yeah things like that, basically.

      • arg…. Please big-nosed-german-guy … go back to your leader, the black mage.. seriously I gave it some tought…
        Spiegelman works for the Black Mage. He is a double spy. He is “the hunter”.
        He captures monsters for the Black Mage. When monsters arent’t strong enough, he puts them in prison to redeem themselves by killing players (CPQ, CPQ2 & MP).
        He created Zakum, look at the picture. Why ?
        He works for the Black Mage…
        Why would those Black Mage servants appear whne you kill (Chaos?) Zakum, since Zakum is part of the Black Mage’s monster thingy.
        Spiegelman is friends with a High general of the Black mage, Von Leon.
        Spiegelman got some hugs from horntail … no comment ….

        The Black Mage has some elite members of the Black Wings as his high servants.

        – Puppeteer, controling minds
        – Von Leon, RAAGGGEEEE
        – That new korean dude with the long beard, Strong
        – That whale (Orca), IDK, his team needed a girl… think the pupeteer got lonely and didn’t want to play wit his puppet(s) anymore.
        – Spiegelman, The Hunter, catching mobs to fight with the Black Mage. If the mobs aren’t strong enough they are send to “prison” to fight unsuspected maplers and kill them.

        Spiegelman makes the player think he wants to help them, but in reality that is just how he lures you in.. Ever wondered why all the best exp sources for 30 – 100 come from Spiegelman ?
        He lures in the players. Nexon did this to make us love him, and that his betrayal will be a shock to all of us. I predict that before December 2012, we will know the truth behind “Der Jäger”

        • Yeah… Good story, but something tells me it won’t go like this. It’s possible that Spiegelmann is allied with the Black Mage though.

          • Then why is he ignoring the fact that he knows Von Leon, and that he “created” Zakum. Why is he German (in most games the are/turn evil, e.g. Team Fortress, CoD Zombies (W@W & BO).. Why does he look so super happy with his BIG SMILE. Most of the time a character that has those factors turns or IS evil. They show the player his overreacting SMILE, showing that he can’t be a bad guys, and then BAM ! When the player least expects it, they show the player that he is evil.
            Even if it has to take several years, he will turn evil, even if I have to influence Nexon in a couple years when I will be (hopefully) working there 😉

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