This Month in our Past: September

Welcome to September’s edition of This Month in Our Past.

Two new worlds, two new PQs, Cody’s promise that he has yet to fulfill, an aggressive clock (of all things…), a poorly implemented but great idea, one of the most disappointing updates ever and Shammos’ moment of glory. September has been an average month.

September 2005

Client Version Update: 0.07
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, September 8, 2005

– New World – Broa
– Cody and the Theme Park quest
-End of the Mark of the Beta giveaway

It was GlobalMS’s third world, Broa, added in September 2005. This came along with Cody’s promise of a great theme park that the players are still waiting for six years later and the end of the Mark of the Beta giveaway.

September 2006

Client Version Update: 0.29
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2006

– New World – Bellocan
– Papulatus

The sixth world to hit GlobalMS shores and the great clock at the bottom of Ludi Clock Tower were added in September 2006.

September 2007

Client Version Update: 0.42
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2007

– Henesys Party Quest
– Ludi Maze Party Quest

LUDI MAZE! One of my favorite PQs were added in September 18. It came with the less important Moon Bunny PQ. All those rooms and boxes and monsters and tickets and portals :). But now it’s gone because Nexon had the great idea to remove Ludi Maze during Big Bang (sarcasm). RIP Ludibrium Maze. But at least we got it in the first place. JapanMS and GlobalMS have been the only two services to ever receive it.

September 2008

Client Version Update: 0.60
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008

– Mini Dungeons
Mini Dungeons were released in September 2008. It’s a good concept, but the choice of which mini dungeons to provide was poor. I’m still hoping for a revival of mini dungeons in the future.

September 2009

Client Version Update: 0.76
Game Update Name: “Fall”
Game Update Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009

– Spirit Week Event
– Gaga the Talent Show Star Event
– Cash Shop Surprise
Really Nexon, REALLY? I’ll never forgive you for wasting a whole month of our time playing MapleStory will this crap patch. I can’t even talk about it… On the bright side, it did give me my limited edition Cloud Robe thing.

September 2010

Client Version Update: 0.90
Game Update Name: “The Fall Effect”
Game Update Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

– Ninja Castle
– Resurrection of the Hoblin King (Ice Ravine)
– Spacecraft PQ lv 30+ and 60+ removed (120+ only and no need for visitors gear to enter)
– Halloween Events (Started on Oct. 20)
– Ghost Ship (Added on Oct. 20)

Shammos finally got a good purpose for his presence in the game. A PQ pretty much centered around him! The Ice Ravine revealed itself from deep inside the mountains of El Nath in September 2010. The Visitors PQ was removed, but the 120+ versions remained. The latest Zipangu expansion, Ninja Castle, came too. Also added, but activated in a maintenance in mid-October were our Halloween event for 2010 which included the Ghost Ship in the Mist.

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  1. Zach ………. answer my mail T-T
    haha no hurry man 😉
    maybe kind of stupid to ask on a blog, how are all of you guy doing now (skullowl, zach, maplefreak .. everyone) 😉

  2. msupdate :
    Oh sorry lol. I’ll do that later.

    Thanks Zach, it helped me and my teammates.. I gues … We have 6 more weeks to finish it, and we got the assignment this week. I will tell you what we got for it when we have finished it, we also need to do a presentation xD

  3. msupdate :
    Congrats on posting the 2500th comment . Yeah tell me because I want to know.

    np, congratz on posting the 2501th comment !
    over 1000 comments must be of me xD jk

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