[GMS] How Many Servers Came Out Per Year?

Here’s another random, but relevant, blog post.

2005 [4]: Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia
2006 [2]: Khaini, Bellocan
2007 [2] Mardia, Kradia
2008 [2]: Yellonde, Demethos
2009 [1]: Galicia
2010 [3]: El Nido, Zenith, Arcania
2011 [2]: Chaos, Nova

Two months between Scania and Bera. Two months between Bera and Broa. Three months between Broa and Windia. Two months between Windia and Khaini. Seven months between Khaini and Bellocan. Six months between Bellocan and Mardia. Seven months between Mardia and Kradia. Ten months between Kradia and Yellonde. Three months between Yellonde and Demethos. Thirteen months (1 year and 1 month) between Demethos and Galicia. Twelve months (1 year) between Galicia and El Nido, Zenith, Arcania. Six months between El Nido, Zenith, Arcania and Chaos. One month between Chaos and Nova.

And I predict that we will get Legend and Cosmo servers when the Legend update is released since Cosmo came second behind Nova in the poll for what server should come out with Chaos (KMS got Legend and Elf).


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  1. why did you move this to the top -,- before this was like all down below on the first page, where you waiting for me to comment on this ? xD

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