[GMS] It’s Just So Hard to Predict…

This new patch schedule is so hard to predict, especially for the rest of 2011. We have four months left in the year. Chaos came to an end two weeks ago. The four months left in 2011 is too long for us to only get one major update, but under this new schedule it seem it is also to short a time for Nexon to fit in two major updates.

Jump! will not be as spread out in GlobalMS as it was in KoreaMS. There was a three week delay between each Jump! patch in KMS. There won’t be such a delay in GlobalMS. In one of my possibilities, I say that GlobalMS might even get all Jump! content in a single update.

My three possibilities:

Number One

  • Jump! will be announced in the next few weeks and will be patched into GlobalMS starting in the second half of September and end in late October. It will come in three updates, approximately two weeks apart from each other.
  • Legend will come this Winter. The Legend updates will start in early December and end in early to mid January.

Number Two

  • Jump! and Legend will be merged into a single series of updates to start this October or November and end in January.

Number Three

  • We’ll have Jump! to start this October and end in late November and then head right into Legend after the last Jump! update, with Legend lasting from early December to January.

It’s so complicated right now. Two separate major update series, so little time. Anyway, we’ll see.

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  1. hopefully your right about this and they do what you think(Waiting sooo hard for mercedes)

  2. Btw im stealing this and slapping it on basil to get other opinions,dont worry ill link it back to you 😉

  3. /found from basil
    i’ve always predicted jump in october, then legend in late december
    then again, GMS is trying to keep up with KMS (maybe a patch behind and stay there?)
    so, it may vary from person to person

  4. 4th option. 3 rockets from a 😉 certain MOON base 😉 hits the earth, destroys the earth, everyone will die and we will never see Jump ! and Legend in GMS.

  5. msupdate :

    hihi.. but no seriously, Nexon America could always try to fuse the updates, so that archer jump will give us mercedes, warrior one will give us Demon slayer and the mage on gives us nothing. I HOPE TO GOD that we will get the thief and pirate JUMP. I mean, I would RAAAAGE if my 2 most favorite and highest lvl classes (not counting my lv 120 BW) wouldn’t get a JUMP until summer 2012 !

  6. skullowl :
    Lol im sorry zach

    lol I think he was facepalming to me, not to you xD

  7. msupdate :
    That Facepalm was made for Robbin.
    Edit: Robbin=Nightcodex
    Edit 2: Yeah what Nightcodex said. -F3-

    haha you got Ninja’ed 🙂

  8. I believe Jump! In 4-6 Months & Legend in 8-12 Months Starting from Chaos Pt 1 that was

  9. Legend is almost confirmed for winter. Lots of the data is already in extractions.

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