[VIN] Vindictus Europe Beta Begins This September

Nexon Europe is taking Vindictus to GamesCon in Germany from August 17 to 21. It has been confirmed that Vindictus Europe will be launching as the Xtreme Edition of Vindictus, which offers unrestrained combat and combos that make Vindictus’ combat and general gameplay even more amazing, along with many other systems. This Xtreme Edition, by the way, isn’t yet available in North America, while both the Xtreme and original editions of the game are available in Korea. The European service of Vindictus will be available in English and German at launch.

You can sign up for the closed beta of Europe’s most anticipated free-to-play MMO ever by visiting http://vindictus.nexoneu.com/teaser/ .


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  1. Will the Europe version have an IP block? I’m interested in the XE Version….

    • Yes. All services of Vindictus have an IP block since the game is based on a peer-to-peer connection system, rather than a dedicated server for each dungeon run. So if one member of the party has a bad connection, everyone in the party will suffer. You probably know this since I’ve heard you talk about Vindictus before. So the publisher limits the game to specific regions in an attempt to get all players within a certain range of the game server.

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