[GMST 1.00] Capture the Flag

Details coming soon…


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  1. Saw it on SP… Just woke up and last night when I was taking a shower, I was thinking that it would be CtF, then there would be 2 flags, and when you have the flagg you walk really slow, so people have time to kill you. After looking at the SP extractions, I tought that you could summon those boss monsters as like a defence, just like CPQ. But then I realised they were master monsters for the mastery book. Honestly, this gets me upset. CtF WOULD be awsome if you could summon or do some other epic stuff. But then again, I would still be pissed even if we got CtF with summons, because CtF as an exclusive v1.00 patch, is just a FAIL. It isn’t big enough. I mean.. woah , we are getting 1 extra PvP mode wich will most likely be a fail with FJ (good for my cb 🙂 ). 70% of the community must have wanted a masteria upgrade. Nexon America, this is a message to you : LIsten to the community and don’t do things you guys think are cool ! Remember that you told us you had some mind blowing exclusive content planed for march….. It was stupid CvP. Now we were about to get mind blowing content after Chaos….. we got even worse, CtF !! If I wasn’t here in the Netherlands I would seriously consider going to the HQ and have a nice big talk with you guys, if you know what I mean.

  2. Im too fkin excited about the Monster Book 😀
    But still kinda dissapointin that their “exclusive update” is just that lame CtF, i wont even bother to try it…

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