[KMS] 588,000 Concurrent Users

Nexon Korea has announced that the smash hit MapleStory has once again topped South Korea’s concurrent user charts, topping out at 588,000 concurrent users on Saturday, July 23. This is the highest number of concurrent users for an online game when only counting Korean user statistics, a record which MapleStory has held for a very long time. This latest record comes just two weeks after the game peaked at 417,000 concurrent users.

Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online), which is probably the most popular game in the world with over 300 million registered users, also broke its personal Korean concurrent user record, by reaching 290,000 concurrent users recently. Dungeon & Fighter also renewed its record for total number of global concurrent users and approached the world record for any genre of online games when it hit 2.6 MILLION concurrent users in China a little while ago. This is the second highest concurrent user record ever in the entire world behind Cross Fire’s Chinese concurrent user tally of 3 million earlier this year. Dungeon & Fighter held the world record from June 2009 to early 2011.

This list isn’t 100% accurate, but here’s an idea of the games which hold the top concurrent user spots in South Korea.

1. MapleStory (Nexon): 588,000
2. MapleStory (Nexon): 417,000
3. MapleStory (Nexon): 410,000
4. MapleStory (Nexon): 360,000
5. Crazy Arcade (PopTag! in America) (Nexon): 350,000
6. Dungeon & Fighter (Nexon): 290,000
7. Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online in America) (Nexon): 260,000
8. Sudden Attack (Nexon): 250,000

From what I have found, the top eight spots are all held by Nexon games.


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  1. It was because of the Hot Time.

    +10 Stat/+5 W.Atk? HECK YES.

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