[GMS v99] Chaos: Ice Knight [Chaos 4]


The Ice Knight arrives on July 27, 2011!

What is Ice Knight?
Upon entering Ice Knight mode through Battle Square, one player will be chosen at random to be the Ice Knight. The remaining players are placed on the same team to challenge the Ice Knight.  Ten players are required to initiate Ice Knight mode.

Become the Ice Knight!

If you are chosen as the Ice Knight, you will be given immense power. Your strength will prevent the other players from knocking you back, and you will be able to perform a double jump that covers great distances.

As the Ice Knight attacks its enemies, the Ice Gauge will grow, represented by a number of slots. As the Ice Gauge fills up, the Ice Knight can perform a variety of devastating skills:

Ice Chop – Swing your frosty axe to attack multiple enemies and knock them back. Cost: 5 slots.
Ice Smash – Raise your sword to attack and freeze many foes. Cost: 20 slots.
Ice Tempest – Cast an ice storm as an area-of-effect for continuous damage. Cost: 40 slots.
Ice Panic – Have a chance to transform one or more enemies into snails. Cost: 60 slots.

Can you defeat the ferocious Ice Knight? To succeed, you must combine your strength – up to 9 players can band together and share HP & MP pots to take on the Ice Knight. But, you must be quick! If after 10 minutes the Ice Knight still lives, then you have failed.

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