Busy, Busy Week

This week will be busy for me and lots of other gamers.

Dragon Nest America Open Beta

One of the world’s greatest action games enter its North America open beta on July 26. Just 15 months since it made its world premier in Korea through Nexon, Dragon Nest has grown breathtakingly rapidly, accumulating over 60 million registered users worldwide, including 800,000 concurrent users over its services. In comparison, MapleStory, after 8 years, has achieved a little over 100 million players, and MapleStory’s growth is considered massive. I don’t think I’ve seen a game gain players that quickly before.

Dragon Nest America official website
Dragon Nest Global official website

MapleStory Adventures Open Beta

The greatest Facebook game evarrrr hits its open beta on July 27!!! It was quite well received during its closed beta, which over 100,000 monthly active users and over 70,000 likes. Join us in the next generation of social. MapleStory Adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MapleStory Adventures official website


Rusty Hearts Closed Beta

From the publishers that brought you Perfect World, Forsaken World, Battle of the Immortals and a few less important games, Rusty Hearts is here! A side-scrolling dungeon-running action MMORPG, Rusty Hearts is quite like a next-generation version of Dungeon Fighter Online, with upgraded graphics and combat.

I’ve been saying it for years, and it seems that the Perfect World Entertainment is finally agreeing with me. This crap with the old generic mediocre MMORPG needs to stop. Perfect World, followed by Jade Dynasty, then Ether Saga Online, then Legend of Martial Arts, all games with pre-generation combat and graphics. Perfect World Entertainment has made a huge turn in the right direction with new games like the slightly-Diablo-style Battle of the Immortals, side-scrolling action Rusty Hearts, and the upcoming RaiderZ and Blacklight.

Rusty Hearts official website


MapleStory Ice Knight [Chaos 4]


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  1. Very very busy. If only they put up the download link for DN/Rusty Hearts earlier.

  2. MaplerOfDoom!

    I’m also participating in Rusty Hearts closed beta!
    Tell me your IGn when it starts (if you want)…

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