[EMS v73] Lots of Content With Big Bang

Does everyone realize that EuropeMS’s Big Bang patch is basically a complete copy of MapleSEA’s client, minus Resistance. I’m sure no Europeans are complaining since all the content that EuropeMS didn’t have but MapleSEA did, EuropeMS now has (except Resistance). MapleSEA, ThaiMS and EuropeMS are almost equal in total game content now.

Europe MapleStory’s first Big Bang update didn’t just include the stuff that GlobalMS got in its first update, they got much more! In addition to the Maple World revamp, skill balancing, etc., the following were added:

  • MTS
  • Malaysia
  • Ulu City
  • Neo TOKYO (now people will see that the hype that surrounded Neo Tokyo was all crap. It’s a good area for the extreme high levels, a very, very small percentage of players.)
  • Ninja Castle
  • Pine Forest (Himes area)
  • Gachapon (replaced Pigmy)
  • Much more

Go EMS! So basically right now EuropeMS has almost everything MapleSEA has except for Resistance.


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  1. finaly they replaced the fat pig. I always found it a cheap stupid replacement for gach. BUT…. it was fun to collect the eggs. But gach just feels way more pro, than a fat pigs that needs more food

  2. k cya, going on halliday now, cya in 1 week. I will watch your blog on my PS3 with internet, if we have internet there… let’s hope so. I won’t be able to post a comment cause it won’t allow me to click on POST COMMENT using the ps3, but I will be able to read all your comments and blogs.. Cya in 1 week 😉

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