MapleStory Q&A Sleepywood IRC

[18:07] First question is: what is equipment explosion?
[18:07] Answer: We have made some changes to Golden Temple that have increased the drop rate for Timeless, Reverse, and Maple weapons from mobs in the temple.
[18:08] The drop rate will be higher than it has ever been for any mobs in Maple history!

[18:10] Second question is: And when is NOVA server coming out!? I can’t wait! 😦
[18:11] Answer for the second question: With the Age of Battle update! Woohoo! 🙂

[18:11] Question: About PVP, are there any balancing issues? Because I heard from KMS players dual bladers are unbalanced in the PVP aspect and its unbalanced for other jobs such as Evan, with a very low attacking speed.
[18:11] Answer: We are actually receiving an updated version of PvP than what was first released in KMS.  Our version includes balance updates that came out after PvP’s initial release.

[18:13] Question: Dear Nexon i would like to know if this new pvp intergrated system will ensure LEVEL BRACKET SYSTEM so that level 75 players are not going up against level 155 etc.
[18:14] Answer: Yes, the system is broken up based on level.

[18:14] Question: I noticed that Gallant Emblemrs are tools that are used in the making of Shoulderpads and etc. Will there be alternative ways in getting Gallant Emblems?
[18:14] Answer: The only way to get Gallant Emblems at this time is to trade in Battle Points from PvP.

[18:26] Question: What rewards will PvP give?
[18:26] Answer: You earn Battle Points, which cant be exchanged for Gallant Emblems.  These can then be traded in for various accessories, scrolls, and recipes, or used when crafting some items.

[18:28] Question: Are there any restrictions on when and how often you can PvP?
[18:28] Answer: No, you can particiapte in PvP as much as you want 24 hours a day. 🙂

[18:30] Question: Is there a ranking system for PvP? If not are there plans to make one in the future?
[18:31] Answer: There is a simple system now. You can see others’ rank by viewing their character info. We might consider expanding this feature in the future.

[18:31] Question: Does doing PvP give you experience towards levels?
[18:31] Answer: Yes, and a hefty amount, too!

[18:32] Question: Will there be any other game modes that you are planning than ice knight, Free for all, and team deathmatch? Like Capture the flag or something like that.
[18:32] Answer: This is a very interesting question…
[18:33] Eurydice means we can’t share the exact details yet. 😉

[18:34] Question: can you chose who you pvp against?
[18:34] Answer: For now, the only way to choose who you play PvP with is to play on the same team.

[18:34] Question: Will Nova have extended Bandana and the chaos warrior challenge event? Because it would be unfair for he Nova players compared to the Chaos server players.
[18:35] Answer: Nova will have its own event period to receive a Nova Bandana.  Teh Chaos Warrior Challenge will not be extended, however.

[18:35] Question: will you guys ever implement exclusive PvP rewards like mounts etc?
[18:35] Answer: There will be some items that can only be obtained by playing PvP, we will certainly add more in the future.

[18:36] Question: Which battle modes will be avaialble after tonight’s update?
[18:36] Answer: The following will be available – Free-for-all and Team Match.

[18:36] Question:  Are the Red Buttons needed for Inkies scrolls from playing PvP ?
[18:37] Answer: The Red Buttons are from an event coming out soon, which isn’t related to PvP.

[18:37] Question:  Will the PvP system help your traits, as well? And will Traits bonuses be applied to PvP?
[18:37] Answer: Definitely, there are some trait bonuses that are only for PvP.

[18:38] Question: Will there be any specific changes to skills or cooldowns in PVP?
[18:39] Answer: Yes, many changes were made to help balance between classes in PvP.

[18:39] Question:  Will the Gallant Emblems be tradeable?
[18:39] Answer: Gallant Emblems are untradeable.

[18:39] Question: Will there ever be GM vs Mapler PvP matches/events?
[18:40] Answer: That’s a great idea!

[18:42] Question: If Gallant Emblems are untradeable, are they basically useless for smithing and alchemists?
[18:42] Answer: You can use Gallant Emblems to buy items from Larson!

[18:43] Question: How much of an impact does normal equipment play (Not equipment with Battle Stats)? Will a new player be able to compete against someone who has spent a large amound of NX and Meso with any chance to win?
[18:44] Answer: Your equipment will have an impact, players invest a lot of time into getting great gear and that will still be important, however, to ensure that PvP is fun for as many people as possible, the impact of your equipment will not be overwhelming. If can help, but a better player in slightly lower gear will still win most of the time.

[18:45] Question:  Who do you think will be the best and popular character for PVP?
[18:45] Answer: There are lots of player opinions on this as well as differing opinions on the Maple Team.  What we’ve found is that there is no single answer to this, due to differing levels of skill and styles of play.

[18:46] Question: Will there be NX items related to PvP such as buffs or bonus exp / emblems?
[18:46] Answer: No, we will not be releasing any PvP items in the Cash Shop at this time. This could change in the future, but right now we have no plans to release any NX items related to PvP.

[18:47] Question:  How much BP do you get on average per match, and how much is a Gallant Emblem?
[18:48] Answer: This totally depends on skill, but you will be able to get 250 BP in one match with some skill. 1 Gallant Emblem cost 500 BP.

[18:49] Question:  Will players drop any type of item after being killed in PVP
[18:49] Answer: They don’t.

[18:50] Question: How long does an average PVP match last?
[18:50] Answer: All matches last 10 minutes.

[18:51] Question: Will there be a spectator mode?
[18:51] Answer: No. You gotta be in the action the whole time!

[18:51] Question:  Will cygnus characters be able to use their level 100 and 110 skills in Gladiator PvP, or will they have to wait till Vetran PvP to use those?
[18:51] Answer: Yes, since those are 3rd job skills.

[18:53] Question:  Will PvP be better than LKC in terms of EXP gain for level 120+ players?
[18:53] Answer: It depends on how well you perform in PvP and in LKC!

[18:54] Question: Which Battle mode do you guys prefer? Including Ice knight
[18:54] Answer: Personally, I like Free For All. 🙂
[18:54] Answer: Same!  And Ice Knight is really fun.
[18:55] (Especially if you’re the Ice Knight.))
[18:55] Answer: Ditto. I just have to stay away from Eurydice.
[18:55] (Especially if -I’m- the Ice Knight, that is.)

[18:58] Question:  Is PvP restricted to specific channels?
[18:58] Answer: PvP is available in all channels.

[19:03] Question: Will there be a set ammount of EXP gained on a Win and a Loss as shown in Monster Carnival PQ?
[19:03] Answer: No, your EXP is based on your performance only.

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  1. what, when was this o_0
    and on what website

  2. ooh I’m positive that the RED BUTTON will be for the gms exclusive. They said it’s for a future event. No pvp, so also not Ice Knight. Wich means only 1 update is left. And with that update they are going to release the red button event. BTW, I now know this was on sleepywood :0

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