[PT!] PopTag! Servers Taken Down For Last Time

It’s all over. The cheerful water balloon fights are all gone. The North American PopTag! servers have been taken offline permanently as of July 14, 2011 as the service has come to an end. I played my last game on Monday. Nexon is compensating PopTag! players quite generously.

While the PopTag! service has closed as of July 14, 2011, Nexon America remains truly grateful to our wonderful community of players. As a thank you all for your support, we are compensating NX items currently in the possession of PopTag! players. Compensation will be given on a sliding scale, based on the date of purchase:


Gachapon Super-Rare items will also be compensated based on the above policy. All compensations will be processed on July 21, 2011.

Additionally, all PopTag! players who created a character before 3/14 and logged into the game between March 14 and June 14, 2011 will have 15,000 Maple Points($15 Value) awarded to their account on July 21, 2011. If you currently have a MapleStory character, you can check your balance in the MapleStory Cash Shop. If you don’t currently have a MapleStory character, you can create one then check the Cash Shop, where your Maple Points will be waiting to give you a head start in your next adventure!

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy many of our other great Nexon games and continue to be part of our family.

Thank you to the PopTag! community for supporting the game. It’s been a valuable experience as we work to bring even more exciting online games to life in the future.

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  1. but what if poptag players dont like maplestory .. its like giving me 1500 DFO points, but I will never play DFO

  2. you say : poptag servers taken down for the last time. Does this mean that all are down except for China and Korea ?

    • The North American service has ended. The Korea, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Russian services are still in operation and all seem to be going quite strong.

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