[DN] DN SEA Closed Beta Day 1: Level 9

The first day of Dragon Nest SEA closed beta has come to an end, at least for me. I woke up extra early this morning (around 4AM) expecting to jump on to what will likely be my future game service for the first time. But this got off to a very rocky start. I had already patched the game so I just went straight in. When I reached the login screen I started to celebrate as I assumed that I would have no problems playing once I got that far. I typed in my username and password and clicked to proceed. “Invalid Login” it said. I tried multiple times. Nothing. I came off and went on the forums. No one reporting anything like my problem. Nothing on the website. Then I went on the game’s official Facebook page and realized that, no, I wasn’t the only person having the issue. After a bit of looking around I realized that the reason for the hold up was that CherryCredits (the game’s channeling company) allows passwords up to 15 characters and with special characters, but the Dragon Nest client only accepts passwords up to 12 characters and does not accept special characters. This mix-up is probably a result of that part of the game probably being copied straight from the Chinese service of the game, which is published by the same company (Shanda Games). Shanda Games in China allows account password up to 12 characters without special characters, no exceptions.

Read more about my roller coaster first day of Dragon Nest SEA after the jump.

So when the Shanda team became aware of the issue, they scheduled a game patch that will take place tomorrow to fix it. And for now we should change our passwords. So I went to the change password page and kept getting redirected to another page that allows you to fill in some extra personal information in order to “fully access CherryCredits Exchange”. I had no idea that I had to complete this to change my password so I was running around like a madman complaining that the change password page wasn’t working. On my return to the official Facebook page I read a comment informing people that you had to “fully access CherryCredits Exchange” to change your password. I cheered and began to make my way back to the CherryCredits website. What do you know? The website crashed…

Of course I went back to the official Facebook page and they told us that the website was down due to a sudden influx of activity and we should give them 10 minutes to get everything up and running again. Half an hour later the website was finally back online -F3-. But it was super slow. So by the time I filled out the extra personal information and “fully accessed CherryCredits Exchange” -F3-, I was finally able to change my password and get on Dragon Nest SEA! Woot!

So it was in-game with me. Happy I was. Logged in, selected server, selected channel, clicked to create a character, customized my character with Dragon Nest’s disappointing pre-gen customization options and typed in my IGN ‘Paladin’. IT WAS TAKEN. MY LIFE’S WORK OF GETTING THE IGN PALADIN. ALL GONE. After wiping the tears out of my eyes, I chose the IGN ‘Paly’. I WILL GET THE IGN PALADIN IN OPEN BETA.

Levels one through five were quite easy, guided by quests. From what I remember from my time in Dragon Nest Korea and China, I breezed through levels 1 to 10. But today, as I hit level 6 I slowed down so much.

It was mostly just boring dungeon running and questing the rest of the day, up to when I had other stuff to do at LEVEL NINE. When I came back a few hours later I did a little exploring.

I seriously LOVE this airship thing that we originally saw in the Dragon Nest trailers.

So I can beat up ferocious beasts, demolish massive barriers and summon lightning from out of no where, but I can't even budge a table.

I am now a Wounded Elite Soldier :D.


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  1. wait.. you say you jumped in to play the game you think about playing in the future… you are talking about the SEA version.. But you live in America, so why dont you play the AMerican version >?

  2. msupdate :
    Because a whole lot of my friends don’t live in America and can’t play American games so when I get a chance to play a global game I do. AND because I’m so damn pro and like meeting new friends all over the world.

    Let me Quote you (kinda) “As long as there is a version for your country, you should play htat version” F1F2F3F4F5F6F7GMFACETROLLFACEMYOWNFACE

    • Yes, you’re right. But this is a rare exception -F3-. I really have a lot of friends in Jamaica and Europe so when I do get a chance to play a Global game even if there in a North American service (like Dragon Nest and Nostale), I’m going to take it.

  3. msupdate :
    Yes, you’re right. But this is a rare exception -F3-. I really have a lot of friends in Jamaica and Europe so when I do get a chance to play a Global game even if there in a North American service (like Dragon Nest and Nostale), I’m going to take it.

    Uhm, is this beta your first time playing DN, or did you play the AMerican version ..

  4. msupdate :
    I played DN America CBT.

    k, im not going to play the beta anymore. Everything will just get wiped after the beta, and I want to keep my skills as a suprise. I will leave my warrior at 10 😉

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